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Official Trips

Please read the Guidelines for Participants before applying for any of these trips.

Official Trips are sponsored by the Sierra Club.

A separate list of unofficial trips that may be of interest is maintained here.

In addition to the trips listed below, an advanced trip schedule was developed at the 10/16/10 trip planning meeting. These trips aren't guaranteed to go: in most cases, permits have not yet been secured.

Piute, Petit, Volunteer (PPV)

Piute, Petit, Volunteer (PPV)

Come join us for this last of the year fast and light outing to rugged northern Yosemite.

Day 1: 9/13/08 - Hike to Seavey Pass from Twin Lakes TH, 15.2 miles and 2000 feet gain
Day 2: 9/14/08 - Climb Volunteer, Petit from Seavey Pass, 15.5 miles and 3600 feet gain
Day 3: 9/15/08 - Climb Piute, hike out to Peeler Lake, 14.4 miles and 5400 feet of gain
Day 4: 9/16/08 - Hike out to TH, 8 miles and 100 feet of gain

class 2, long hikes
Northern Yosemite
Louise Wholey

Whorl and Matterhorn

Whorl Mountain, 12,033' and Matterhorn, 12,264'

Day 1 Sat - Hike 5 miles, climbing 4500 ft to camp, part on trail.
Climb Whorl from camp - Hike 4 miles RT, climb 2000 ft or climb Matterhorn about 1500 ft above camp, mostly class 2.
Day 2 Sun - Climb what has not been climbed and hike out (long).

Contact: Louise Wholey ( or Linda Sun (

Class 3
East side - Twin Lakes trailhead, near Bridgeport
Louise Wholey
Linda Sun

Mt. WInchell

Mt. Winchell, 13775"

Day 1: Start at Glacier Lodge head up North Fork of Big Pine Creek, camp at Sam Mack Meadow. 8-9 miles, 3300ft gain.
Day 2: Climb Mt. Winchell via East Arete. 2800ft gain. Return to camp.
Day 3: Pack up and return to the trailhead.
May throw in another peak for good measure depending on weather and participants.

Class 3
Eastern Sierra - Big Pine
Jesper Schou

Red, Grey and Merced

Red, Grey and Merced

This is the last weekend for Yosemite overnight parking before late spring. Come join us for this fast and light outing to a rarely visited part of Yosemite Park when there are no mosquitos! Strenuous level of exertion. Class 2 peaks.

Day 1: Mono Meadows TH 7200' to Upper Ottoway Lake 10,400 15.7 miles and 3200 feet.
Day 2: Upper Ottoway Lake Red Peak, Gray Peak, back to camp.
Day 3: Upper Ottoway Lake Merced Peak. Hike out 15.7 miles to Mono Meadows TH


class 2, long hikes, fast and light trip
Southern Yosemite
Louise Wholey

Tahoe Backcountry Skiing #1

Tamarack Peak or other, depending upon snow

Come join us for the first in our new Tahoe Backcountry Skiing Series. We will ski wherever we can find the best snow, with the target always being fresh deep powder. December is often the best powder.

Requires advanced skiing skills (resort black diamond+), avalanche training. Randonee or Telemark skis, climbing skis, avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe.

Advanced skiing skills
Tahoe Basin
Louise Wholey
James Wholey

Virginia Peak

Virginia Peak

This is a beginner's trip for people who wish to try climbing when it is colder.

Day 1: hike over Virginia Pass to camp. Details: Green Creek TH to Virginia Pass,5.8 miles, 2500 feet to Virginia Pass (10480), then long, gentle traverse 1.25 miles to Camp at 10,490.
Day 2: climb Virginia Peak (2.3 miles RT, 1500 feet, class 2) and hike out.

We will not be climbing Twin Peaks, which is a change from the previously scheduled trip. See previous trip report at

class 2, beginners trip
Green Creek - eastern Sierra
Louise Wholey
James Wholey

Trans-Sierra Dayhikes

Hike through the High Sierra in a day

Two groups for two dayhikes. Starts or ends at Lake Thomas Edison or Rock Creek. Hike through the High Sierra 22.5 miles in a day. 5,000 ft + or - gain going west to east, 3,000 ft+ gain going east to west. The high point is Mono Pass at 11,000 ft going either direction.

The first group on Saturday Oct. 25 hikes from Lake Thomas Edison to Rock Creek trail head(west to east). They will be picked up at the Rock Creek trail head by the group that will be traveling east to west the next day, Sunday Oct. 26.

Everyone will camp together Saturday night. After dropping the Sunday group off at the trail head the Saturday group will drive the east to west groups cars back to the Bay Area. The east to west group will pick up the other cars and drive home Sunday evening. The West to east group will have to have to sets of sleeping gear, one that they will bring to the trailhead on Friday night and one the second group will bring over for them to use on Saturday night.

Please contact me (after Oct 12) if you want to go and which direction. Also if you can drive, carpool or either. ; Jeff Fisher 650-207-9632, e-mail CO-LEADER WANTED

Co-sponsored by the Day Hiking Section. Trip level 5 D or F.

Class 1, long hike. Dayhike level 5 D or F.
Between Lake Thomas Edison and Rock Creek
Jeff Fisher

Mounts Morgan (N) and Baldwin

Mt. Morgan (N) and Mt. Baldwin

Saturday, 10/10/09 Mount Morgan N (12,277). Map: Convict Lake. CLASS 2. Carcamp at Rock creek. Early rise, climb Mount Morgan North. Trip will be on trail for 4.5 miles, 1300 gain, off trail for 2.5 miles 3300 feet. Total 14 miles, 4600 feet of gain. Open to all; must be in good physical condition.

Sunday, 10/11/09 Mount Baldwin (12,615). Map: Convict Lake. CLASS 2. Early rise, then drive to TH at Convict Lake. On trail for 4.5 miles, 3300 feet, then off trail for 1.3 miles, 2000 feet. Total day 11.2 miles, 5200 feet gain. Open to all, must be in good physical condition.

Contact leader Lisa Barboza, 650/493-8099;

Class 2, intermediate level exertion
Lisa Barboza

Mt. Tom and Basin Mtn

Mt. Tom and Basin Mtn

Saturday, 10/24/09 Basin Mt. (13,181) CLASS 2. Map: Mt. Tom. Hike in 4 miles, camp at Horton Lake. Drop packs, climb Basin (1.75 miles, 3100 feet).

Sunday, Climb Mt. Tom (13,652) 4 miles, 4000 feet gain. Then hike out. Total day: 8 miles, 4000 feet gain. Drive home. Open to all, must be in good physical condition.

Contact leader: Lisa Barboza, 650/493-8099;

Class 2, intermediate level exertion
Lisa Barboza

Kennedy and Harrington ~ Peak bagging

Kennedy and Harrington

This is an intermediate trip, backpacking and climbing in Sequoia National Park. Participants must be in good physical condition and have experience backpacking. Due to the strenuous nature of the trip, it’s been classified as an intermediate trip. Individual commissary, but we will probably share tents. Open to all. Details:

Friday – after carpool from Bay Area, from TH at 4600 feet, hike in 6.2 miles,, 4000 gain to camp at Frypan Meadow (7800 feet). Saturday, Climb Kennedy – EL 11,433, CL1, 3800 gain, 9 mile RT. Sunday, climb Harrington, EL 11,009, 5.7 miles RT, 2200 gain, and CL3 Summit block. and hike out.

Contact leader: Lisa Barboza, 650/493-8099;

Class 1 and class 3
Kings Canyon (west side of Sierra)
Lisa Barboza
Louise Wholey