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Official Trips

Please read the Guidelines for Participants before applying for any of these trips.

Official Trips are sponsored by the Sierra Club.

A separate list of unofficial trips that may be of interest is maintained here.

In addition to the trips listed below, an advanced trip schedule was developed at the 10/16/10 trip planning meeting. These trips aren't guaranteed to go: in most cases, permits have not yet been secured.

Goddard, Scylla (High Sierra from the west side)

Goddard, Scylla, Henry, Red Mtn, McGee, Black Giant

A chance to explore the beautiful Ionian Basin. We’ll start from Florence Lake, making our way initially along the John Muir trail, before going cross-country to our first peak, Mt. Henry. From there, we’ll be heading into Goddard Canyon, where we’ll summit Mt. McGee and Mt. Goddard, before arriving at the magnificent Ionian Basin, where we’ll climb Scylla and finally Black Giant. Peaks are class 1 and 2.

Class 2, extended trip
Florence Lake, west side
Joe Baker
Judy Molland


MT Gibbs (12765')

Saturday we'll day hike Mt Gibbs, an often overlooked neighbor of Mt Dana in the Tioga Pass area. We'll see what people feel like on Sunday, with perhaps a day hike of Mt Warren, in roughly the same area but on the east side.

This will be a relatively slow-paced trip and the climbing will be easy, so it should be appropriate for beginners with a bit of stamina. I won't exclude climbers with experience however. There should be some really neat views from both peaks.

Class 1
Charles Schafer

Kearsarge Peak

Kearsarge Peak (12,598)

Saturday we’ll go after Kearsarge Peak. Sunday is open for discussion. There are a number of peaks in the area that can be dayhiked, or some may want to opt for an early start to a long drive home.

This will be a relatively slow-paced trip and the climbing will be easy, so it should be appropriate for beginners with a bit of stamina, or experienced climbers who want to regale beginners with tales of brave deeds and daring exploits.

Class 1
Onion Valley, East Side
Charles Schafer

University Peak , Kearsarge Peak

University Peak (13,589 ft), Kearsarge Peak (12,598 ft)

Saturday we will day hike University, Sunday we will day hike Kearsarge. Car camping at onion valley campground Saturday night.

Class 2
Eastside - Onion Valley
Kelly A Maas
Linda Sun

Cherry Creek Canyon

Cherry Creek Canyon

Another no-peaks trip, this will conclude my Yosemite canyon trilogy of 2008-09. I've done this a couple of times, but I can't resist repeating it.
We start at Cherry Lake (reached from Sonora or Hwy 120), and the first day we hike upstream on the Kibbie Ridge trail, then drop down into a wonderland of granite that forms the upper part of the creek. On Sunday, we do a trail-less descent of the creek, sometimes traversing steep rock to avoid having to swim through pools. The water flow will be low in September. As usual, we'll bypass the committing "teacup" section. Unlike my previous trips, this time we'll be early enough in the season that the gate at Cherry Lake will be open and we can drive an additional 4.5 miles, which will eliminate 9 miles of hiking on a dirt road. yeah!

Class 2+
Emigrant Wilderness, Stanislaus National Forest, Yosemite NW boundary
Kelly A Maas

Mt. Langley

Mt. Langley (14026)

Details to follow

Lisa Barboza

Mt Goode & Cloudripper

Mt Goode (13,085, class 2) & Cloudripper (13,525, class 3)

Friday we’ll hike up to Chocolate Lake where we’ll set up camp and then climb Cloudripper. Saturday we’ll hike over to Bishop Lake where we’ll set up another camp and then climb Mt. Goode. Then on Sunday we’ll hike back out.

This will be a relatively slow-paced trip and the climbing will for the most part be easy (although it will be class 3 on Cloudripper), so it should be appropriate for relative beginners who have done a bit of climbing.

Class 2, 3
Eastside of the Sierras (Maps Mt. Thompson and No.Palisade 7 1/2)
Charles Schafer


Mount Langley 14000+ feet

This is a good beginner trip. On the first day we meet in late morning at the Cotton Wood trailhead (10000feet) and hike into Long Lake, about 5 to 6 miles. We will have a beautiful camping site by a lake. The next morning we get a moderately early start and climb the mountain by way of New Army Pass. We will have about 5 miles and 3000 vertical feet to the summit. We should get back to our camp by mid-afternoon. After a short break we will break camp and return to our cars. We should reach the cars before dark.

Class 1
Eastside - Lone Pine/Cotton Wood trailhead

Tower Peak, 11,755'

Tower Peak

We'll use the holiday weekend to do a relatively relaxed 3-day climb of Tower Peak, which the guide books seem to consider is the northern boundary of the "High Sierra."

Leaving from Leavitt Meadows on Hwy 108, the approach is somewhat over 10 miles, mostly on trail, with minimal elevation gain. We'll climb the peak on day 2, and retrace our steps on day 3. The class 3 section is only near the end. Most of the peak is class 2.

Leader: Kelly Maas (408) 378-5311;

Class 3
Yosemite N boundary
Kelly A Maas

Mt. Gilbert

Mt. Gilbert, 13106"

We'll head out of South Lake and camp at Treasure Lakes on Saturday. Sunday we start at first light and take the class 3 variation up Gilbert which bypasses Treasure Col, the traditional route. Instead, we cross the Sierra Crest further north and pick up the southeast slope from there. Ice axes will not be needed. Participants must be comfortable on class 3 terrain and must contact the leaders to be signed up and tell them about their recent class-3 and mountain climbing experience. Permit is for 6 participants including the leaders.

Leader(s) :
Arun Mahajan,, 650-327-8598 (h)
Peter Maxwell,

Please note that this is an official Sierra Club trip and as such, participants MUST sign the standard SC waiver.

Class 3
East side - South Lake
Arun Mahajan
Peter Maxwell