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Official Trips

Please read the Guidelines for Participants before applying for any of these trips.

Official Trips are sponsored by the Sierra Club.

A separate list of unofficial trips that may be of interest is maintained here.

In addition to the trips listed below, an advanced trip schedule was developed at the 10/16/10 trip planning meeting. These trips aren't guaranteed to go: in most cases, permits have not yet been secured.

Pahrump Point and Stewart Point

Pahrump Point (5,740') and Stewart Point (5,265')

From the Desert Peaks Section:
Pahrump Point (5740’) and Stewart Point (5265’): Join us for one or
both of these fine DPS-listed limestone peaks just east of Death
Valley National Park. Saturday climb Pahrump Point (3400' gain, 8
miles). Happy hour Saturday night. Sunday climb Stewart Point (2600'
gain, 6.5 miles). Send e-mail with conditioning and experience to
Leader: Daryn Dodge or Co-leader: Kathy Rich

I Rated
Just east of Death Valley National Park
Daryn Dodge

Sandy Point and Last Chance Mountain

Sandy Point (7,062'), Last Chance Mtn (8,456')

Assuming the Sandy Pt ascent on Saturday is a success, Last Chance Mtn on Sunday will be Daryn Dodge's DPS list finish. Sandy is a 2000 foot gain and 11 miles; Last Chance is 3000 feet of gain and 5 miles. Join us for one or both peaks. We will have a short celebration on the summit of Last Chance Mtn, and perhaps back at the trailhead, so climbers can drive home at a reasonable hour on Sunday. Send e-mail with conditioning and experience to Leader: Daryn Dodge. Co-leaders: John Cheslick, Kathy Rich, and Gary Schenk.

Contact Daryn Dodge:

Daryn Dodge

Loma Prieta's Snow Camping Seminar

Preparation for Camping Happily in the Snow!



Snow CampingSnow camping allows you to backpack in all seasons. By snowshoeing or skiing far into the wilderness, you can visit the Sierras with its thick layer of snow and enjoy the scenery far from the crowds; no competition for the "best" campsites! The skills obtained from the Loma Prieta's Snow Camping Seminar prepare you for camping happily in the snow, and give tips for day skiers or snowshoers caught out overnight. Participants must be experienced summer backpackers as this course will give you winter information and tips but doesn't teach basic backpacking.

Three evenings, held in the Stanford Palo Alto area on Jan 18, 20, & 25, and one weekend field trip on Jan 29-30, 2011. Limit 40 participants for the evening classroom sessions, and 25 participants on the outing.

$40 cost includes books, instruction, and some common equipment used on field trip.

To sign up, send $40 check, payable to BSCS, to P.O. Box 802, Menlo Park, CA 94026. Include name & email of each person, phone #, Sierra Club member number (if oversubscribed, preference will be given to members). Upon receipt, we will acknowledge and send info and directions.

Questions? Contact Chris MacIntosh at 650/325-7841, , or Steve Sergeant at 408/937-8116, .

Chris MacIntosh

Mount Rose

Mount Rose, 10,776', and one other

Join us for the ascent of the highest peak in the Tahoe Basin. We
will use skis or snowshoes and carry light shoes for the final climb
over lava rocks to the summit. Trip is rated 2C2, intermediate effort
On the second day, we'll find another awesome peak to climb.

Contact Louise Wholey, louisewholey AT or Sonja Dieterich,
sonja.dieterich AT for details.

2C2, intermediate effort level
North Lake Tahoe
Louise Wholey
Sonja Dieterich

Mather's Day

Striped (13,179'), Bolton Brown (13,491'), Prater (14,471'), Thumb (13,356'), Birch (13,602'), Wynne (13,179'), Pinchot (13,494'), Perkins (12,566')

Devote an entire week to exploring the High Passes region of the Sierra Nevada and climbing many of the spectacular, rugged peaks in the area. We’ll begin with a grunt up Taboose Pass, from its desert trailhead (5400) up to the Pacific Crest (11400). We can climb Striped Mtn (13120) there. We’ll move to the lovely and little visited Upper Basin (11599), from which we’ll be in position to climb Mt Bolton Brown (13538) and Mt Prater (13329). We’ll pack over Mather Pass (12080) and camp at Upper Palisade Lake (11767), in order to climb The Thumb (13665) and Birch Mtn (13665). Then returning over Mather Pass, we’ll camp near Lake Marjorie (11440), from which we’ll be set up to climb Mt Wynne (13179), Mt Pinchot (13495), and Mt Perkins (12591), with a day hike over Pinchot Pass (12500). We’ll return the way we came, down the long, dry Taboose trail. The days will be strenuous, but the rewards will be incomparable.

Leader: Aaron Schuman 650-968-9184

Class 2 with possible snow
Above Independence, Kings Canyon NP
Aaron Schuman

Zinfandel and Chardonnay

Red & White Mountain (12,816')

From McGee Creek trailhead (8100) we’ll hike up the trail to Big McGee Lake (10400), probably encountering spring slush before we make camp. We have the option of climbing the big southeast snow slope of Red & White Mountain (12816) on Saturday or Sunday. Previous climbers promise that we’ll enjoy the impressive summit that rises hundreds of feet above the ridge, looking tough, but turning out to be a pleasant scramble up a colorful mass of unexposed rock.

Leader: Aaron Schuman 650-968-9184
Co-leader: Joe Baker

Class 2 Snow Climb
South of Mammoth, John Muir Wilderness
Aaron Schuman
Joe Baker


Cloudripper (13,625')

Plan to ski up the north fork of Big Pine Creek to a campsite somewhere between First Lake and Seventh Lake, depending mostly on how far the road is open. Snow camp Friday night, climb Cloudripper Saturday, ski out and return home Sunday. Leaders will be on skis.

Requires high altitude experience (camp will be 10-11,000 ft), excellent physical condition, avalanche safety training, winter snow travel and climbing skills.

Leader: Louise Wholey,

Co-leader: Stephane Mouradian,

Class 2 snow climb, class 3 summit block
Big Pine Creek, North Fork
Louise Wholey
Stephane Mouradian

Ski Day Peaks or Deerhorn

Day Peaks or Deerhorn (13,281')

Depending on road openings and interest we will either ski to and climb Deerhorn or do Cloudripper and some other peaks. The descent of the ME gully of Deerhorn is 35 degrees. Winter camping for Deerhorn; Bishop lodging or camping for Cloudripper et al.


Eastside of the Sierras
Louise Wholey

North Palisade (14,248')

North Palisade

From the "Glacier Lodge" trailhead above Big Pine, hike up the North Fork of Big Pine Creek to a camp at Sam Mack Meadow. From there, cross the Palisade Glacier - the largest glacier in the Sierra Nevada - and climb the U-Notch Couloir (snow and possible ice, to 40 degrees).

From the notch, climb two pitches up the 5.4 "chimney", then the follow the easier class 3+ ridge to the top. Return home on the 3rd day.
Participants must have proven skills and must be known to the leaders. Trip currently full, but waiting list is being kept.

Contact: Kelly Maas kamaas444 (at), Louise Wholey

Rating 3E3 (class 5 + snow/ice)
Near Big Pine, East Side, Inyo National Forest
Kelly A Maas
Louise Wholey


Deerhorn (13,281')

Access is via Kearsarge Pass. Experienced
class 3 climbers in good shape only.

Leaders: Louise Wholey ( and Lisa Barboza (

Class 3
Louise Wholey
Lisa Barboza