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Official Trips

Please read the Guidelines for Participants before applying for any of these trips.

Official Trips are sponsored by the Sierra Club.

A separate list of unofficial trips that may be of interest is maintained here.

In addition to the trips listed below, an advanced trip schedule was developed at the 10/16/10 trip planning meeting. These trips aren't guaranteed to go: in most cases, permits have not yet been secured.

McGee Creek

Mt. Baldwin (12,615'), Red Slate (13,123'), possibly Red & White (12,816')

Join us for this intermediate to strenuous trip up in the eastern Sierra to attempt to climb 3 peaks in three days. This area is of particular geological interest because of the dolomitic rock formations and the large number of hanging roof pendants, as well as the unique wildflower biomes that this geology supports.

Day 1: Hike in up McGee Creek 1200 feet, climb Mr. Baldwin, class 2, 3000' gain. (12,615'). Then camp at 9600 feet.
Day 2: Move camp 2 miles, 1000 feet. Then climb Red Slate, class 1, 3000' gain, (13,123'). Possibly climb Red & White (12,816'). Then back to camp after a long day.
Day 3: Hike out and drive home.

You must be in good condition and have experience in class 3 climbing if you want to do all 3 peaks. If you're just interested in seeing some great wildflowers and some very interesting metamorphic rocks, and just want to climb the class 2 peaks, that's fine too. This has been a high snow year. Equipment required: boot crampons, ice axe, helmet, snow camping gear. This trip requires a completed medical form, and signing a liability waiver.

If interested, please send your climbing resume to Lisa Barboza AT

Intermediate to Strenuous
McGee Creek Trailhead, East Side of the Sierras
Lisa Barboza

Lodgepole to Mineral King

Ten Peaks In Ten Days!

Join us for 10 peaks in 10 days starting with a hike on the High
Sierra Trail from Crescent Meadow and ending in Mineral King.

The targeted peaks are Lion Rock (12,360+'), Triple Divide (12,634'),
Stewart (12,200+'), Eagle Scout (12,000+'), Red Kaweah (13,720+'), Mt.
Kaweah (13,802'), Lippincott (12,265'), Eisen (12,160+'), Sawtooth
(12,343'), and Needham (12,520+'). Peaks are class 2 - 3.

An option exists to do the first part of the trip with us as a 6 day
trip, Sun Aug 8 to Fri Aug 13, starting and ending at Crescent Meadow,
climbing Lion Rock (12,360+'), Triple Divide (12,634'), and Stewart
(12,200+').  Eagle Scout (12,000+') could be added by staying another

Another option is to enter at Mineral King around Saturday Aug 14 (on
your own permit) to join us for the latter part of the trip, that is,
the peaks above Big Arroyo, Red Kaweah (13,720+'), Mt. Kaweah
(13,802'), Lippincott (12,265'), Eisen (12,160+'), as well as Sawtooth
(12,343'), and Needham (12,520+').   Contact

Strenuous, long trip, recent mountaineering experience required
Sequoia National Park
Louise Wholey

Tehipite Dome, Tunemah

Tehipite Dome (7,708') and Tunemah Peak (11,894')

Hike through the lovely forests of the southern parts of Sierra National Forest through Crown Valley to Tehipite Dome. We plan to climb the dome and return to camp below Kettle Dome the first day, covering about 20 miles. The second day is a 20-mile day hike into the NP through Blue Canyon to climb Tunemah and return to camp. The last day hike out, about 15 miles.

Participants should be extremely well-conditioned for long light-weight backpacking and long multiple-day hikes.


Strenuous, very long hike
Wishon Reservoir, Rancheria TH
Louise Wholey
Alex Sapozhnikov

Merced Peak

Merced Peak (11,726')

Backpack from Sky Ranch Road to Upper Ottoway Lake via Chiquito and Merced Passes. This route takes us about 15 miles to camp through the southernmost regions of Yosemite National Park. Sunday climb Merced Peak (class 2) and hike out. Contact:

Note: Trip is full but with a waitlist

Yosemite National Park
Louise Wholey
Emilie Cortes

Vitamin and Mineral King

Mineral Peak (11,550') and Needham Mtn (12,520')

During the month of October, the aspens of Mineral King are clothed in gold. On Day 1, we'll hike 4 miles from the trailhead (7,830') to our camp at Crystal Lake (10,800') and make a side jaunt to nearby Mineral Peak (11,550'). On Day 2, we'll cross the tricky third class col (11,500'), drop down to Amphitheater Lake (11,100'), go up to Needham Mountain (12,520'), and finally return to camp the way we came. On easy Day 3, we'll hike out and drive home. Contact Aaron Schuman: <>

Class 3
Mineral King, Sequoia National Park
Aaron Schuman

Mt Johnson and Mt. Gilbert

Mt. Johnson (12,871'. class 2/3); Mt. Gilbert (13,106', class 2)

Friday we'll hike up to Treasure Lakes where we'll set up camp and enjoy the scenery. Saturday we'll split up with the faster party heading for Mt. Gillbert. After a successful visit to the summit, they will join the slower party relaxing on Mt. Johnson, before all head back to camp. Then on Sunday we'll hike back out.

This will be a relatively slow-paced trip (for the slower party), and the climbing will for the most part be easy., so it should be appropriate for relative beginners who have done a bit of climbing.

Contact Leader: Charles Schafer; (408) 829-0381 or Co-Leader Bob Suzuki:

Class 2/3
Eastside of the Sierras
Charles Schafer
Bob Suzuki

Big Pine Peaks

Winchell (13,775'), Agassiz (13,893'), Aperture (13,265'), Gendarme (13,252')


Have a 13ner fest! Start early Friday to Sam Mack Meadow and possibly attempt Agassiz the same day if time permits. (That would be a 6,000' day!) If not, we will do Agassiz Saturday, Winchell Sunday, and bag Aperture and Gendarme Monday on the way out. No ice axe/crampons. Must be fit and not subject to altitude sickness from the quick ascent. Permit for 6 total. Contact leader Jesper Schou - or Co-Leader Stephane Mouradian -

Big Pine, Eastside
Jesper Schou
Stephane Mouradian

Donner Summit Dayhikes On Snowshoes

Mt. Judah (8,245'), Boreal Ridge

We will stay at the Southbay Ski Club lodge at Donner Summit, and do day trips. One day, we will climb Mt. Judah, and the other day we will do a loop from Highway 80 to
Highway 40, following the PCT on the way there and coming over Boreal
Ridge on the way back. Destinations may change based on snow conditions. Contact Judy Molland at

Donner Summit, near Truckee
Joe Baker
Judy Molland

Cone Peak

Cone Peak (5,155'), Ventana Wilderness

We will climb Cone Peak from Highway 1. Cone Peak is the most spectacular mountain on the Big Sur coast of California. It is the second highest mountain (Junipero Serra Peak is higher) in the Santa Lucia Range.

The trip is on-trail but somewhat strenuous. This will either be a dayhike, or we'll camp at Vicente Flat and do the longer loop. I'm leaning toward the second option because LimeKiln Campground (trailhead at the ocean) is still closed due to the fire. With the second option, we can take a leisurely hike up to our camp spot, where we'll spend the night on Saturday, then climb our peak on Sunday morning, before hiking out. This should be an excellent time to see lots of wildflowers.

Contact Judy Molland at

Class 1
Ventana Wilderness, below Big Sur
Joe Baker
Judy Molland

Louise's 70th Birthday Celebration

Iron Mountain (11,149')

The trip to Iron Mountain is to celebrate Louise's 70th birthday. She will not yet have finished the SPS peaks list (still needs Table).

The plan is for 2 groups to climb the peak, one a day hike Saturday and the other overnight Friday climbing Saturday. Following the climb Saturday evening we will meet in Mammoth for a birthday party at reserved camp sites in Sherwin Creek Campground.

Route: Hike from the ranger's station at Soda Springs (7400') to Anona Lake (9100') via Fern Lake Trail, about 8 miles. Climb the east slope (class 2) to the south ridge and walk the final ridge to the summit. One can climb onsnow, rock or talus to reach the summit ridge.

Contact Louise, louisewholey at, for space on the overnight permit. Contact Kelly Maas, kamaas444 at, to participate in the day hike.

Moderately difficult, 2D2
Mammoth area, Eastside of the Sierras
Louise Wholey