December 2012             Peak Climbing Section, Loma Prieta Chapter, Sierra Club                                    Vol. 46 No. 12 -

General Meeting



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Come to the Peak Climbers’ Festivus party, on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m., at the Whisman Station Clubhouse, at 420 Kent Drive, Mountain View.

 Bring a potluck dish to share with climbers who eat like bears! Bring a thumb drive or a CD or 35 mm slides with 10 or 12 of your most heart-stopping climbing photos, from this year or from long ago. Bring your family and friends.

* From Central Expressway, exit at Whisman Station Drive. Swing around and cross Whisman St. Just after the VTA light rail tracks, turn left on Jacaranda, at Magnolia Park, and turn right on Kent.

 * From US-101, exit at Ellis. Turn right at Middlefield, then left at Whisman, then left at Whisman Station Dr., left at Jacaranda, and right on Kent.

 * From CA-237, exit at Maude/Middlefield. Take the 237 service drive to get from Maude to Middlefield, then turn right on Middlefield. From here, follow the US-101 directions.

 * On VTA light rail, exit at Whisman Station. This is the second stop from the green line terminus at the Mountain View CalTrain rendezvous. It’s a short walk to the clubhouse.

 Street parking is limited. If you can’t find a space close by, park at the lot at the VTA light rail station and walk over.

ßFestivus: It’s the festival for the rest of us

Editor's Notes

Owing to the fire that consumed our house last weekend, this is a very brief issue of Scree: announcements of our PARTY, and just a few trip announcements.

Please note: our own Kelly Maas and Charles Schaffer will be instructors for the Snow Camping Seminar.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays!


Chair Column

First let us all share our sympathy with Scree Editor Judy Molland and WebSite Manager Joe Baker on the recent loss of their Redwood City house to fire.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, but irreplaceable memory items must have been lost.

Our December meeting and Winter Potluck celebration will again be a "Festivus" hosted by Aaron Schuman at the Clubhouse of their Whisman Station condo group in Mountain View (see details elsewhere in this Scree).  While you're at the party, be sure to congratulate Terry Cline on his recent election as PCS Chair for 2013; and then volunteer (for yourself or your friends) to give a climbing show at one of our regular meetings next year!  All suggestions will be welcomed, especially for the January 8 meeting -- send your ideas to me or to Terry.  Let us also congratulate Yoni Novat on his election as PCS Treasurer -- our thanks to both Terry & Yoni for taking on the responsibilities of their positions!  We do not yet have an elected Vice-Chair/Trip-Scheduler for 2013, so while we are trying to recruit someone for this job, I will be acting as temporary Vice-Chair through the Trip-Planning meeting in late February.

Speaking of Trip-Planning, now is a good time to start thinking of what you feel like climbing in the late winter and early spring.  Send any trips you want to lead (either PCS or private) to Terry or me, and we'll see that they get into Scree as soon as possible.

Rod McCalley



Snow camping allows you to backpack in all seasons. By snowshoeing or skiing far into the wilderness, you can visit the Sierras with its thick layer of snow and enjoy the scenery far from the crowds; no competition for the "best" campsites!

The skills obtained from the Loma Prieta's Snow Camping Seminar prepare you for camping happily in the snow, and give tips for day skiers or snowshoers caught out overnight. Participants must be experienced summer backpackers as this course will give you winter information and tips but doesn't teach basic backpacking.

Three evenings, held at the Sierra Club in Palo Alto (near San Antonio and RT 101) on Jan 15, 17, & 22 and one weekend field trip on Feb 2-3, 2013. 40 participants for the evening classroom sessions, and 25 participants on the outing.

$40 cost includes books, instruction, and some common equipment used on field trip.

To sign up, send $40 check, payable to BSCS, to P.O. Box 802, Menlo Park, CA 94026. Include name & email of each person, phone #, Sierra Club member number (if oversubscribed, preference will be given to members). Upon receipt, we will acknowledge and send info and directions.

Questions? Contact Chris MacIntosh at 650/325-7841, , or John Langbein,

PCS Trip Calendar

These are required statements.

Note: CST 2087766-40. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.

Note: All Sierra Club trips require you to sign a Liability Waiver.

January 26 - 27 - Bradley Hut

Leader: Bobbie Morrison

(Co-sponsored with Loma Prieta Ski Touring Section)

February 22 - 24

Leader: Bobbie Morrison

(Co-sponsored with Loma Prieta Ski Touring Section)

PCS Trip Details

Bradley Hut Backcountry Ski Trip

Goal: Bradley Hut

Location: N. Tahoe, near Squaw Valley

Dates: January 26 - 27

Leader: Bobbie Morrison  

Difficulty: Intermediate (with Advanced Ski Skills)

Rendezvous at 9:30 am Saturday, then ski 5 miles and climb 1500 ft to Bradley Hut in upper Pole Creek near Squaw Valley. The ski to the hut is barely an intermediate trip, but the skiing at the hut will be advanced intermediate to advanced level. All participants must have appropriate telemark or alpine touring (aka randonee) skis and bindings and be able to link turns consistently on steep slopes. All participants must have working avalanche beacons, shovels, and probes and know how to use them.

We will ski in on Saturday, drop off our packs and then look for the best snow and ski lines for downhill runs, either up the crest west of the hut, or on the north side of Silver Peak, before retiring for a sumptuous dinner. Sunday we will do more runs in the morning before heading back out to the cars in the late afternoon. It is important to have the skills to ski back to the cars quickly (downhill with a pack).

$40 covers hut fee and dinner Saturday night. Participants bring their own breakfast, lunches and snacks. Contact the leaders to get mailing address for sending checks. All participants must submit a medical form with payment and must sign the Sierra Club waiver at the trailhead.

Cancellations within 1 month of the trip will be refunded only if the spot is filled.

Bobbie Morrison, bobbiemorrison at
Dave Marancik

408-269-2903 (for both)

Pear Lake Hut Backcountry Ski Trip

Goal: Pear Lake Hut

Location: Sequoia National Park

Dates: February 22 - 24

Leader: Bobbie Morrison  

Difficulty: Advanced Intermediate

Ski to Pear Lake hut in Sequoia National Park on Friday Feb 22, have a layover day for finding good downhill ski runs, more skiing in the morning on Sunday the 24th before we leave for the descent back to the cars. The trip starts at 7,200 feet at Wolverton and climbs a steep 6 miles to the hut at 9,200 feet. All participants must be in good physical condition, have telemark or AT skis with wide climbing skins, be able to consistently link turns on steep downhill slopes, must have an avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe, and know how to use them. We have the whole hut reserved, sleeps 10.  Cost is $84 for the hut plus the cost of food (to be calculated later.) Contact Bobbie Morrison,, 408-269-2903. Co-leader is Dave Marancik.

Climb Mt. Shasta and Fight Liver Disease

Each year in June the American Liver Foundation sends a team of climbers to Mt. Shasta to climb, have fun, and raise money to fight liver disease.  To date, the Liver Life Challenge Mount Shasta Climb Team has raised over $650,000 to support liver-disease research and education. 

This is a great opportunity to do something you love while helping others in need. 

If you're interested, go to for more information, and send an email to our climb team leader, Dave Hinman, at


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Climbing Classifications

The following trip classifications are to assist you in choosing trips for which you are qualified. No simple rating system can anticipate all possible conditions.
    Class 1: Walking on a trail.
    Class 2: Climbing using hands for balance.
    Class 3: Climbing requires the use of hands, maybe a rope.
    Class 4: Requires rope belays.
    Class 5: Technical rock climbing.

Trips may also be rated by level of exertion: easy, moderate, strenuous, or extreme.

Deadline for submissions to the next Scree is Thursday, December 27. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month.