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Scree for May, 1999

This is the EScree - the Electronic version of the Scree newsletter from
the Peak Climbing Section of the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.
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                  May, 1999	Vol. 33 No. 5
     Deadline for submissions to the next Scree is Sunday 5/23/99

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Next general meeting (PCS meetings are the second tuesday of each month)

Date:	Tuesday, May 11
Time:	8:00 PM
Program:	Anapurna 

Tom MacMillan will show slides on Anapurna. 
This is all the information I have at press time.

Location:	Western Mountaineering, Santa Clara
(PDF version has a drawn map here)

Directions:	2344 El Camino Real, Santa 
Clara (between San Thomas and Los Padres), 
parking in the rear.

From 101: Exit at San Thomas Expressway, Go 
South to El Camino Real. Turn left and the 
Western Mountaineering will be immediately to 
your right.

Official (PCS) Trips

PCS trips must be submitted through the Scheduler (see back 
cover for details). Trips not received from the Scheduler will be 
listed as PRIVATE, without recourse.

*** San Gorgonio
Peak:	San Gorgonio (11,000) San Bernadino County
Dates:	May 2
Contact:	George Van Gorden 408 779 2320

We'll meet at the Forest Falls trailhead early on Sunday morning 
and return in the late afternoon, probably between 5 and 6 PM, 
just in time for the last flight out of lala land although you'll hardly 
know you were there.  The hike is 14 miles round trip and over 
5000 feet.  The country is spectacular, high desert to Sierra forest 
to wind-blown high plateau.

*** Cherry Creek Canyon
Peak:	None - Cherry Creek Canyon
Date:	May 15-16
Leader:	Kai Wiedman (650) 347-5234

Don't miss this adventure backpack into one of the most beautiful 
granite canyons near Yosemite.  Witness Cherry Creek charge 
forcefully through narrow slots. Gaze at granite domes in the 
distance. The scenery of this 25-mile loop backpack will dazzle 
you as you experience one of the Sierras' best kept secrets.

*** Williamson and Tyndall
Peaks:	Mt. Williamson (14,375) class-2, Mt. Tyndall (14,018) class-2
Dates:	June 11-13 (Fri-Mon)
Map:	Mt. Williamson 7.5' topo
Leader:	Kelly Maas, 408-279-2054 kelly.maas@idt.com 
Co-Leader:	Ron Karpel, 650-594-0211 ronny@luxsonor.com 

Mt. Williamson is the second highest peak in California, we will 
climb it from Shepherd Pass via the standard Bolton Brown Route. 
Mt. Tyndall is right there near Shepherd Pass, which is as good a 
reason as any to climb it. This is an MOC approved trip.  
Participant must be current sierra club members, must be 
experienced with snow climbing and the safe use of ice axe and 
crampons, including self-arrest.  Participants must be in top 
physical condition. Friday, we will pack in from the trailhead at 
Symmes Creek to the top of Shepherd Pass (11-mile, 7,000') and 
setup camp.  Saturday we will climb Williamson and return to the 
camp.  Sunday we will climb Tyndall and pack out to the trailhead. 
Because of the early date, we expect to run into last winter's snow 

*** Rolls Merriam
Peaks:		Royce Peak (13,280) and Merriam Peak (13,103), class 2 / snow
Dates:	June 19-20 (Sat-Sun)
Maps:	Mt Abbot 15' topo
	Mt Hilgard, 7.5' topo
	Mount Tom, 7.5' topo
Leader:	Steve Eckert  eckert@climber.org

By June much of the approach should be on trail, but the saddle 
between these two peaks is steep and there is a permanent 
snowfield. We'll take crampons and ice axes for the summit but 
hope for dry camping at Pine Creek Pass. About a 4000' / 7 mile 
pack in, and about a 3000' / 6 mile summit hike means we'll be 
able to pack out the second day... but it will be strenuous. Views of 
Bear Creek Spire, Seven Gables, and Humphreys will reward our 
efforts. Submit resume of recent experience and a $10 deposit 
(refundable less any permit fees at the trailhead) with your Sierra 
Club membership number (this is a restricted mountaineering trip) 
to secure a spot. Trip is limited to 6 because there is no co-leader.

*** Mt Goethe
Peaks:		Mt Goethe, class 1, 13264, Mt Emerson, 	class 2, 3, 13204
Dates:	June 19-20 Sat-Sun
Maps:	Goddard 15 min. 
Leader: 	Aaron Schuman  H 650-968-9184 W 650-943-7532
	Details: http://sj.znet.com/~cynthiam/goethe.html

Saturday, pack from North Lake (9200) to our campsite at Muriel 
Lake (11423).  Climb Mount Goethe for the view into Evolution 
Valley.  Sunday, as we hike out, we'll drop our packs near Piute 
Lake for a side trip to Mount Emerson.  This trip will be strenuous 
but only of moderate technical difficulty.  

*** On Guard, Brewer!
Peaks:	North Guard (13,327) and Mt Brewer (13,570)
Dates:	June 25-27 (Fri-Sun)
Leader:	Steve Eckert  
Co-Leader:	Richard Vassar 

Brewer has the better view; North Guard has the better climbing. 
Get them both in a classic weekend trip - we'll pack up the Sphinx 
Creek trail until the trail goes the wrong way, then go the RIGHT 
way and camp off the beaten path. Saturday's main goal is North 
Guard (3rd class), hopefully leaving time for Brewer (2nd class). 
The more gain we do on Friday, the more time we'll have on 
Saturday! Ice axe and crampons required if the snow conditions 
warrant, and a belay may be required for the summit block - 
submit resume of recent experience with your Sierra Club 
membership number to secure a spot.

*** Tune My Finger
Peaks:	Tunemah Peak (11,894), Finger Peak (12,404)
Dates: 	July 23-26 Fri-Mon
Leader:	Steve Eckert, eckert@climber.org
Co-Leader:	Erik Siering

Pack in from Wishon Reservoir through Woodchuck Country to 
the Blue Canyon headwaters and bag these two fine (or at least 
remote) peaks. Good views of Black Divide and Enchanted Gorge 
should make up for the 20-mile pack in and lots of gain on the 
trail. Co-listed as an official trip with both the PCS (Loma Prieta 
Chapter) and the SPS (Angeles Chapter).

*** Dragon Weekend
Peaks: 		Dragon Peak (12,955) Class 3 and Kearsarge Peak (12,598) Class 2
Dates:	August 7-8 (Sat.-Sun.)
Map:	Kearsarge Peak and Mt. Clarence King 7.5'
Leader: Bill Isherwood 925-254-0739 (h) 925-423-5058 (w)

We will meet Saturday morning at 9 AM at the trailhead for 
Golden Trout Lake on Onion Valley Road out of Independence. A 
2000-ft. climb will bring us to a camp near one of the two un-
named lakes just north of Golden Trout Lake. For the ambitious, 
Kearsarge Peak may be climbed Saturday. Sunday, we will climb 
Dragon Peak from the col immediately south of the peak. Hike out 
Sunday afternoon. Send a $10 deposit (call first) to secure your 
spot. Trip limited to 8.

*** Mt. Langley
 Peak:	 Mt. Langley (14,042), Class 1
 Dates:	August 28-29 (Sat.-Sun.)
 Maps:	Mt. Langley and Cirque Peak 7.5'
 Leader:	Bill Isherwood, 925-254-0739 (h)
	925-423-5058 (w), isherwood2@llnl.gov

This is the southernmost 14,000-foot peak in the High Sierra. 
Clarence King and Paul Pinson climbed it in 1871, believing that 
they were making the first ascent of Mt. Whitney. They found a 
cairn with an arrow on the summit.

 We will meet Saturday morning at the Cottonwood Lakes 
trailhead (driving instructions from Lone Pine are available) at 10 
AM. We will camp at Long Lake (11,135) on Saturday and climb 
the South Slope to the summit via the New Army Pass trail on 
Sunday. Drive home Sunday night. Join us for a leisurely climb 
with time to enjoy the scenery. There is a $10 sign-up fee, 
refundable at the trailhead, less the cost of the permit. Send check 
to Bill Isherwood, 37 La Encinal, Orinda, CA 94563. Space is 
limited to 8.

*** Yosemite: Petit, Piute, Volunteer
Peaks:	Petit, Piute, Volunteer, Class 2
Dates:	Sep 4-6 (Sat-Mon) Labor Day weekend
Leader:	Steve Eckert 
Co-Leader: Erik Siering

Help the leader celebrate finishing the SPS Peaks List in good 
style. The 9-mile pack in, over almost-flat terrain with uncrowded 
camping, should give rise to a nice party Saturday. A quick 7-mile 
romp to the peak on Sunday and we're back in camp for the stroll 
back to the cars. Reserve a spot early and pack the good stuff (for 
the mother of all happy hours)! Co-listed with the Angeles Chapter SPS.

          1999 PCS Member Roster - on the web at http://www.climber.org/Binder/PCSMember.txt
                         (send corrections to pcs-treasurer@climber.org)
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Last Name      First Name      City            Home         Work         Email                            
-------------- --------------- --------------- ------------ ------------ ---------------------------------
Adler          David           Soquel                                                                     
Amaral         Robert          Elk Grove       916-684-0667                                               
Ann            Cecil           Los Gatos       408-358-1168              cecilann@earthlink.net           
Atkins         Stephen                                      650-604-3577 satkins@mail.arc.nasa.gov        
Baenen         Patt            Cupertino       415-494-3022 408-882-0300 pattb27@aol.com                  
Baker          Gary            Mountain View   650-968-6863                                               
Baltierra      John            Stanford        650-494-0517 415-725-2597 jbaltier@leland.stanford.edu     
Barnes         George          Palo Alto       650-494-8895              ggared@worldnet.att.net          
Barnes         Richard         San Bruno                                                                  
Bees           John            Reno            775-852-9407 775-673-7381 jbees@dri.edu                    
Belrichard     Christel        San Jose        408-295-3048              xtel@ix.netcom.com               
Ben David      Yehuda          Oakland         510-763-2472 510-339-9290                                  
Benham         Deborah         Mountain View   650-964-0558              Benham4x@aol.com                 
Blockus        Dave            Cupertino       408-973-9347                                               
Boner          Liz             Berkeley        510-704-8587 510-549-8820 lboner@thecity.sfsu.edu          
Booth          Richard & Dee   Los Gatos       408-354-7291 408-874-4129 rdbooth@worldnet.att.net         
Boyle          Brian           Cupertino       408-973-0640                                               
Bulger         Debbie          Santa Cruz      408-457-1036              dfbulger@cruzio.com              
Burns          John            Tucson                                                                     
Bynum          Bob             Fremont         510-659-1413              rfbynum@aol.com                  
Calliger       R.J.            Fremont         510-651-1876 510-659-7546 calliger @infolane.com           
Cavender       Patrick         Mt. View                                                                   
Christianson   Pete            Campbell                                                                   
Cline          Terry           Palo Alto       650-424-9015 408-343-1639 terry.cline@sun.com              
Cobb           Jo Ann & Dan    Belmont         650-631-9303                                               
Colwell        Jeff            Scottsdale      602-429-6151                                               
Conover        Mark            Cupertino                                                                  
Cordes         John            Santa Clara     408-247-3162 408-721-7915 john.cordes@nsc.com              
Crawley        Roger           Menlo Park      650-321-8602                                               
Cruz           Tony            Cupertino       408-446-4090 408-944-2003 cruz@idt.com                     
Curl           Jim             San Francisco   415-585-1380              jimcurl@juno.com                 
Curl           Tom             Livermore       510-455-1630 408-467-6766 Curl@ix.netcom.com               
Davison        Pete            San Francisco   415-731-5139 408-765-5205                                  
Day            Mark            Bakersfield     805-589-8753              maday@aeraenergy.com             
De Lorenzo     Michael         Pleasanton      510-484-9480              michael.w.lorenzo@lmco.com       
Derouin        Tim             Palo Alto       650-857-0503 650-306-1420 tderouin@alink.com               
Dodge          Daryn           Davis           916-753-1095                                               
Doran          Max             Palo Alto                                                                  
Dorer          Dave            Brookline       617-232-9133 617-232-0624                                  
DuMond         Dewey           San Jose        408-267-1825 650-354-5591 dumond@sierra.spasci.com         
Duffy          Arthur          Martinez        510-286-4856                                               
Dyal           Palmer          Los Altos Hills 650-941-5321                                               
Eckert         Steven R.       Belmont         650-508-0500 650-508-0500 eckert@climber.org                
Evans          Robert          San Jose        408-998-2857 408-998-2857 zenger@vnet.ibm.com              
Feldman        Rich            Los Altos       650-967-6966              rich@gadzoox.com                 
Fitzsimmons    Nancy           Milpitas        408-957-9683              nancy_fitzsimmons@baynetworks.com
Flinn          John & Jeri     Mountain View   650-968-2050 415-777-8705 jnflinn@aol.com                  
Frankel        Rosalie         Monte Sereno                                                               
Gaillard       Anouchka        Sunnyvale       408-737-9770 408-447-5363 anouchka@cup.hp.com              
Geller         Loren           Hillsborough    650-340-8196 650-809-2015 loren@vibes.com                  
Giese          Brenda          Pleasanton      510-417-6764              brenda.bowman@nellcorpb.com      
Gross          Bob             Santa Clara     408-241-6149              75013.1420@compuserve.com        
Grossman       Aaron           Mountain View   650-969-4031 650-694-2154 aaron_grossman@hp.com            
Hamel          BJ              Santa Clara                                                                
Hansen         Gregory M.      Mountain View                                                              
Harris         David           Claremont       909-931-0941 909-607-3623 David_Harris@hmc.edu             
Harrison       James R.        Sunnyvale       650-962-9567                                               
Harvey         Liz             Concord         510-671-9950              lizharv@aol.com                  
Hastings       Al              Palo Alto       650-493-6084              alclimber@msn.com                
Hauke          Jerome C.       Douglas City                                                               
Hauser         Bill            San Jose        408-243-4566                                               
Hempstead      Marjorie        Mountain View   650-961-0456 408-565-7840 hempsted@nt.com                  
Henzel         Bill & Bonnie   San Mateo       650-349-3062 650-225-1243 henzel.bill@gene.com             
Hermansen      Gary K.         Milpitas                                  amadablam@prodigy.net            
Hester         James           Saratoga        408-867-3669              lhester@fmi.fujitsu.com          
Hiipakka       Dennis          Weaverville     530-623-1923 530-623-5678                                  
Holloway       Garry           Saratoga        408-865-1271 408-756-6071 garry.holloway@imco.com          
Holloway       Sue             San Diego       619-594-2491 619-594-2491 shollowa@mail.sdsu.edu           
Horvath        Alex                            408-379-2732              alexh@netgate.com                
Hu             Allan           San Jose        408-268-0430              ahu@msm.mea.com                  
Hudkins        Bruce&Bekinda   Clayton         510-672-8681              EAGLE5@ix.netcom.com             
Hudson         Ron             Camarillo       805-388-2809              roc@climber.org                  
Hult           Tim             Santa Clara     408-970-0760 650-623-1370 timdhult@aol.com                 
Ibbetson       Pat             Sanger          559-787-2894 916-373-8096 djpat@yahoo.com                  
Ingvoldstad    John R.         Volcano         209-296-8483                                               
Ireland        Glenn W.        Sunnyvale       408-245-2768              glennirel@aol.com                
Isherwood      Bill & Dana     Orinda          510-254-0739 510-423-5058 isherwood2@llnl.gov              
Jakubowski     Diane C.        Lafayette                    415-989-1915 Diane@cpici.com                  
Jones          Jeffrey J.      Cool                                                                       
Karpel         Ron             Belmont         650-594-0211 510-771-3231 ronny@luxsonor.com               
Keith          Alexander       Palo Alto       650-325-1091 415-496-5714 akeith@crc.ricoh.com             
Kerr           Christine       Oakland         510-482-8322 415-546-3001 chris_kerr@net.com               
Kirkpatrick    William         San Jose        408-293-2447 408-279-3450 Wmkirk@earthlink.net             
Knourek        Robert J.       Los Altos       650-846-5732                                               
Kopari         Ann             Morgan Hill                                                                
Kramar         Christopher     Fremont         510-796-6651 650-926-6861                                  
Kreider        Scott           Santa Clara     408-557-9273 650-853-6560 kreider@pa.dec.com               
Kubick         ray             San Mateo       650-349-0817 408-974-5896 kubickl@apple.com                
Kudrnovska     Milushe J.      Oakland                                                                    
Kutscha        Timothy         San Jose        408-379-7339 408-447-1486 tkutscha@cup.hp.com              
Kuty           Dave            Felton          408-335-4211              kuty1@apple.com                  
Lambert        Laurent N.      Cupertino                                                                  
Leiker         Richard         San Jose        408-378-9522 408-453-4253 leiker@san-jose.tt.slb.com       
Lingelbach     Ron             San Jose        408-253-8036 650-694-3539 RON_LINGELBACH@hp.com            
Loosley        Laurel A.       Morgan Hill                                                                
Lorber         Lou             Santa Clara     408-246-8510 408-256-3757 llorber@ibm.net                  
Lou            David           Milpitas        408-263-5630              dlou@svpal.org                   
Maas           Kelly A.        San Jose        408-279-2054 408-330-1717 maas@idt.com                     
MacIntosh      Chris           Menlo Park      650-325-7841              chrism@clbooks.com               
Machnick       J. & A. Kristin Santa Cruz      408-479-8719 408-984-3261 mach3@ix.netcom.com              
Macico         Andrew F.       San Jose                                                                   
Mahajan        Arun            Palo Alto       650-327-8598 408-585-2114 arun@tollbridgetech.com          
Marolf         Chris           Menlo Park      650-377-1787 650-326-9462                                  
Marshall       Joan            San Jose                     408-565-2843 jmarshall@nortelnetworks.com     
Martin         Don             Los Altos       650-949-0775              Don@best-rate.com                
Marvel         Chris           Palo Alto       650-325-2649              marvelcc@ccmail.pldbio.com       
Maxwell        Peter           Sunnyvale       408-737-9770 650-857-7639 peterm@aoraki.dtc.hp.com         
McDermitt      Mike            San Francisco   415-576-1057 415-394-5180 mwm@pointwestcapital.com         
McDonell       Greg            Campbell        408-559-8321 408-281-3400                                  
Medrano        Marjorie D.     Mt. View                                                                   
Miya           Eugene          Mountain View   650-961-6772              eugene@ames.arc.nasa.com         
Morrow         Tom             San Carlos      650-637-1620                                               
Murphy         Niall           San Francisco                                                              
Murphy         Tom             San Jose        408-265-8776                                               
Narkhede       Atul            Mountain View   650-967-5778 650-390-3303 atul@asd.sgi.com                 
Navid-Haghighi Siamak          Santa Rosa      707-537-9293 707-577-4845 sia@sr.hp.com                    
Nelson         Peter           Palo Alto       650-321-0929 650-323-5751 jpnels@aol.com                   
Novalis        Susann          Pacifica        650-359-1821              novalis@worldnet.att.net         
O'Mahoney      Frank           Palo Alto                                 frank@liffey.com                 
Olrich         Phyllis         Palo Alto       650-322-0323 650-725-1541 phylliso@stanford.edu            
Olson          Ken             San Diego       619-583-0001              kenolson@pacbell.net             
Ottenberg      Marj            Saratoga        408-867-4576 408-867-4576                                  
Perry          Charles         Richmond                                                                   
Potter         C. Reynolds     Redwood City                                                               
Raczek         Ted             San Jose        408-224-1119 408-363-5379 Thaddeus.A.Raczek@wdc.com        
Radicati       Filippo         Mountain View                                                              
Ramaker        James H.        San Jose        408-224-8553 408-463-4873 ramaker@vnet.ibm.com             
Rampe          Dan             San Francisco   415-750-1224              rampe@pacbell.net                
Rau            Greg & Vreni    Castro Valley   510-582-5578              rau4@llnl.gov                    
Reader         Robert          Concord                                                                    
Reilly         Dorothea E.     San Francisco   415-585-1380 650-225-1549 der@gene.com                     
Remien         Suzanne         Woodside        650-851-3456 408-451-5581 sremien@juno.com                 
Rinaldi        Michael         San Francisco   415-564-9830 415-424-3290 rinaldi@hermes.space.lockheed.com
Ritter         Alan            St. Louis       314-821-1374 314-225-7600 jar@storz.com                    
Robillard      Landa           Campbell                                                                   
Roper          Steve                           510-547-3407                                               
Rosmarin       Peter           Oakland         510-547-5395                                               
Ross           Doug            Santa Cruz      408-457-2757              dugros@got.net                   
Roundtree      Tom             San Jose        408-371-5303 408-321-5782                                  
Samuels        John            San Jose                                                                   
Sapozhnikov    Arkadiy         San Francisco                                                              
Sayre          Terry C.        Oakland                                                                    
Schafer        Charles&Helen   Los Gatos       408-354-1545 408-324-6003 cgschafer@lucent.com             
Schollard      James           Novato          415-892-9033 510-286-8888 jschollard@innovativetechsoln.com
Schou          Jesper          Palo Alto       650-494-7432 650-725-9826 schou@quake.stanford.edu         
Schuman        Aaron           Mountain View   650-968-9184 650-943-7532 aaron_schuman@yahoo.com          
Schwilk        Dylan           East Palo Alto  650-327-2327              schwilk@leland.stanford.edu      
Scott          Bryan           Woodland Park                                                              
Seiffert       Kirsten         Beverly Hills                                                              
Seltz          David           San Jose                                                                   
Sharp          Jonathan &Julia Saratoga        408-379-5178              jjsharp@ix.netcom.com            
Simpson        Dick            Palo Alto       650-494-9272              rsimpson@magellan.stanford.edu   
Sinclair       George          Los Altos       650-941-2160              geosinc@aol.com                  
Skumanich      Andy            Los Gatos       408-377-0545              a_sku@sprynet.com                
Smith          Linda           Palo Alto       650-327-2099 650-327-6608 lindasyd@aol.com                 
Sogard         Michael         Atherton        650-368-2775 650-508-4674 msogard@nikon.com                
Staby          Brian                           408-425-7029 408-984-7611                                  
Stasiak        Ron             Cupertino       408-371-8666                                               
Staton         Audrey                                                    AStaton857@AOL.com               
Stegman        Anthony G.      San Jose                                                                   
Steinbach      Greg            San Diego       619-271-9104 619-543-5250 gsteinbach@ucsd.edu              
Stephens       Joseph          Fremont         510-623-9150 510-505-5410 joseph@home.com                  
Stevenson      Nancy                                                     nancy@full-moon.com              
Stigall        Georgia         Sunnyvale       408-253-4076              geobaer@aol.com                  
Storkman       Warren & Dixie  Palo Alto       650-493-8959 650-493-8975 Dstorkman@aol.com                
Stover         Richard         Santa Cruz      408-457-1036              dfbulger@cruzio.com              
Stuckey        Mike            Homewood        916-525-0452 408-920-5961 mstuckey@aol.com                 
Suits          Butch           Menlo Park      650-325-4116 408-742-5642 butch.suits@lmco.com             
Suzuki         Bob             San Jose        408-259-0772 510-657-7555 bobszk@bigfoot.com               
Taylor         Craig           Portola Valley  650-851-1032              Craig_taylor@ACM.org             
Tischler       Daniel          San Jose        408-224-4525 408-227-0707 tischler@prolinx.com             
Tran           Tuan            San Jose        408-299-8529 408-227-2531 tuan@spicey.asd.sgi.com          
Tucker         Tim             San Mateo       415-987-1800              tuckert@bactc.com                
Van Gorden     George C.       Morgan Hill     408-779-2320                                               
Vassar         Janet & Richard Los Altos       650-949-4485 650-354-5113 richard.vassar@lmco.com          
Vera           Oscar           San Jose                                  overa@slip.net                   
Verplanke      Fi              Palo Alto                                                                  
Verrow         Rick & Helena   Los Gatos       408-353-8841              rangerrv@ix.netcom.com           
Vlasveld       Paul            San Jose        408-247-6472 408-501-6358 paul.vlasveld@infineon.com       
Wagner         Ken             Orange          714-974-9716              KWagnerCo@aol.com                
Wallace        Bob             Saratoga        408-867-4576 408-867-4576                                  
Ward           Michael         Sunnyvale                                                                  
Ward-Dolkas    Paul            Palo Alto       650-324-2015 650-494-7500 pwdolkas@iptcorp.com             
Waser          Shlomo          Sunnyvale                                                                  
Wentz          Roland          Sunnyvale       408-745-1085                                               
West           Jeff            Santa Cruz      408-426-4456 408-754-6717 jbwest@usgs.gov                  
Westerman      Jeremy S.       Santa Clara                                                                
Wiedman        Kai             San Mateo       650-347-5234                                               
Wietharn       Max             Mountain View                                                              
Wilkenson      John            San Jose        408-947-0858 650-933-4298 jfu@sgi.com                      
Wilkie         Sam             Los Altos       650-941-1794 408-767-7548 Sam_Wilkie@ccm.sc.intel.com      
Wood           Steve           Belmont         650-596-9052                                               
Woolbright     Mark            San Jose        408-246-4209 408-749-5904 mark.woolbright@amd.com          
Yager          Chris           Santa Clara     408-243-3026 408-243-3027                                  
Yalcin         Kakan                           408-944-7928              hyalcin@cadence.com              
Yamagata       Pete            Sacramento      916-444-6319                                               
Yarborough     Judith          Menlo Park      650-854-9288              judith.yarborough@forsythe.stanford.edu
Yum            Sunny           San Jose        408-265-5852 408-255-4567 syum@cs.ucr.edu                  
Zenger         Kipp            San Jose        408-265-2011 408-463-2870 zenger@vnet.ibm.com              
Zensius        David           San Jose                                  dzensius@netcom.com              
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Unofficial Trips

Private trips may be submitted directly to the Scree Editor, but 
are not insured, sponsored, or supervised by the Sierra Club. 
They are listed here because they may be of interest to PCS members.

*** Mount Shasta
Peak:	Mt Shasta class-2 (14,161ft, 4,317m), snow
Maps:	Mount Shasta USGS 7.5'
Dates:	May 1-2 (Sat-Sun)
Leaders:	Ron Karpel, ronny@luxsonor.com (H) 650-594-0211
	Nancy Fitzsimmons  415-585-1380

Scanning along the skyline of the Sawtooth Ridge, one can't help 
but feel affected by the alpine character of the area.  The dark 
rock, precipitous and beautifully serrated, pocketed with glaciers, 
along with a blanket of snow in the foreground, makes this one of 
the most attractive regions of the Sierra.  But just west of 
Matterhorn Peak, sandwiched between the Dragtooth and the 
Three Teeth, one's eye is caught by a rather odd protuberance, an 
ungainly wart of stone sticking up embarrassingly from the ridge 
top -- it's The Doodad.

Climbing it is not a popular goal.  Attaining its summit will not 
garner any fame.  More likely, admitting that you've climbed it will 
cause your friends to smirk.  But its unique qualities, even if 
scorned, are precisely what make climbing it so attractive.

*** Mt Tinemaha
Peak:	Mt Tinemaha (12,561) Class 2 / snow
Dates:	May 15-16 (Sat-Sun) (weather may delay by a week)
Map:	Big Pine 15' topo
Contact:	Steve Eckert 

Tired of every trip requiring lots of experience? Want to get out in 
the spring snow, but don't have a long resume? This is the trip 
you've been waiting for! We'll pack from about 6500 to about 
10500', a pretty long day, starting on trail and probably finishing on 

It's not steep and I don't expect ice axes will be required. The peak 
itself probably WILL require an ice axe, but won't be hard climbing 
(Secor rates it Class 1 in the summer).

Only 2000' of gain on summit day leaves us some time to review 
ice axe and snow travel techniques, but THIS IS NOT A CLASS. 
I'll be happy to share what I know and to discuss what you know, 
and I'll even watch if you want to practice, but you should have 
taken a class or read Freedom of the Hills or had some experience 
with the axe before you come.

Sign up at your own risk. See required waiver at: 

If you've never climbed with me before you should check out 

Anyone with a 4WD vehicle willing to give me a ride goes to the 
head of the waiting list! (It's about 2 miles more each way without 

*** Escalante Canyons
Dates:	May 21-30
Contact:	Marj Ottenberg & Bob Wallace, 408-867-4576

See why Escalante River is worthy of Monument status! Car-
camping off Hwy 12 on Hogback Ridge, between Escalante and 
Boulder; day-hikes exploring slot canyons and slick rock between 
road and river, with a waterfall, arches, natural bridges, maybe 
petroglyphs. Central commissary breakfasts & dinners, you bring 
lunches. Marj plans, purchase, packs food; all help cook. Cost: 
$75 up front (we pay, too); surplus after food and planning costs 
goes to Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (or returned, if you're 
hard-up). We've been sending $200-300/year. Meet at Petrified 
Forest State Park near Escalante (showers, trails, swimming) on 
Sat., May 21. Well trained dogs OK. We bring ours. If interested, 
give a call. We've led 12 trips in Utah's redrock country. Limit 12. 
Call by April 26 to reserve space. 

*** Beginner Snow Climbing
Peak:  Tahoe Area Peaks TBD
Date:  May 15-16 (Sat-Sun)
Contacts:  Kelly Maas (H) (408) 279-2054, maas@idt.com
	Charles Schafer (W) (408) 324-6003 cgschafer@lucent.com

This snow-climbing trip is targeted at beginners who want to get 
more comfortable on snow, and learn and practice ice axe use, 
including self-arrest.  If conditions permit, we will also practice with 
crampons.  No ice axe or crampon experience is required.  We will 
be car camping somewhere in the Tahoe area, with exact peaks 
still to be determined.

*** Near the Dome Lands
Peaks:	N. Maggie (10,235'), Moses (9,331'), Taylor 
	(8,774'), Sirretta (9,977'), and Rockhouse (8,383')
Maps:	Mineral King, Kernville, and Lamont Peak topos, Class: 2-3
Dates:	May 22-24 (Sat-Sun with Mon option)
Contact:	Bob Suzuki, day: 510-657-7555 After: 8pm: 
	408-259-0772, bobszk@bigfoot.com
	Rich Leiker, Before 2pm: 510-792-4816,
	After: 3pm: 408-453-4253

This will be a repeat of Steve Eckert's Oct '97 trip, "Moses' 
Rockhouse," to climb 5 peaks in Sequoia NF. Saturday will be the 
strenuous day, 11+ miles with 6,500' gain and bushwhacking, as 
we try for N Maggieand Moses Mtns. Sunday will be easier with 
separate climbs of Taylor and Sirretta. For those interested there 
will also be a Monday attempt on Rockhouse Peak.

*** Crevasse Rescue Practice
Location:	Rancho San Antonio Park, Hwy 280
Date:	May 23 (Sun), 2pm
Contacts:	Kelly Maas (H) (408) 279-2054 maas@idt.com

You can read all you want about crevasse rescue but there's 
nothing like practicing it.  Join me for an afternoon of practice 
without venturing far from home, but first I strongly advise reading 
"Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue" by Andy Selters, or at least 
the appropriate chapter in "Freedom of the Hills".  Meet at the 
bathrooms at the lower parking lot to the right at 2pm.  
your crevasse rescue paraphernalia (harness, prussiks or 
ascenders, slings, biners, pulleys, etc.), book, windbreaker, and 
come ready for a few hours of fun.  Realism is encouraged.  Note: 
if you're making prussiks for the first time, cut the pieces very long 
to allow for adjustment.  Also, at least one other person will need 
to bring a rope and an ice axe.

*** Mt. Stanford & Mt. Morgan
Peaks:	Mt. Stanford (N) and Mt. Morgan (N)   (Class 3, Snow)
Dates:	May 29 thru 31, Sat thru Mon 
Maps:	Mt. Abbot and Convict Lake 7.5'
Contacts:	Charles Schafer (408) 324-6003 (w) 
	cgschafer@lucent.com, Steve Eckert, (650) 
	508-0500, eckert@climber.org

Come join us for an interesting traverse of Mts. Morgan and Stanford.

Saturday we will hike in to our base camp at Davis Lake, on the 
eastern side of Mt. Stanford.  Sunday we will climb Mt. Stanford, 
traverse across to Mt. Morgan, then descend back to our camp.  
Monday we hike out. That is, unless conditions dictate that we do 
it differently, in which case we will do it differently (a lot depends 
on the state of the snowpack).

You must be proficient with ice axe and crampons, since we are 
expecting there to be plenty of snow.  You will probably need 
snowshoes or skis, and snow shovels and avalanche transceivers 
may be de rigueur, again depending upon the snowpack.  This 
should be a fairly strenuous trip; just how strenuous will, again, 
depend on the conditions.

*** Shasta
Peak:	Shasta (14,162)
Dates:	May 29-31
Contact:	George Van Gorden, 408 779 2320

We will climb Shasta from the north side via the Bolam Glacier.  
We will be roped and experience in glacier travel is required.  Two 
nights camping at about 9500 feet.

*** Broad Peak Expedition!
Peak:	Broad Peak 26,400 ft
Dates:	June-July 1999
Contact:	Tom Masterson
	phone, fax (303) 499-6363
	address: 250 31st Street, Boulder, Colorado U.S.A. 80303

We are a Boulder based group seeking to add 3-4 more members 
to our June-July 1999 expedition to attempt the standard route on 
Broad Peak.

This is a non-commercial, non-guided, non-profit expedition! Price-
wise, it is a great deal: Land costs should be about $3800, plus 
airfare of 1200-1500. We want to put together a Colorado-based 
team, so that we can climb together this winter & spring, get to 
know each other and get used to climbing with each other. 
Experience climbing over 20,000 ft very helpful. For more 
information call Tom Masterson at 303 499-6363 or Mike Marsh at 
303 499 3395. 

*** Arrow Peak
Peak:	Arrow Peak, Northeast Ridge, Class 3
Dates:	July 3-5
Contacts:	Kai Wiedman (650) 347-5234.
	Cecil Ann, cecilann@earthlink.net

John Moynier says Arrow Peak is a beautiful, symmetrical 
mountain when viewed from nearby Bench Lake.  Kelly Mass calls 
it the best 3rd class climb he has done in the Sierra.  The 
Northeast Ridge is an ever narrowing, hideously exposed, knife-
edge.  We will go light and fast as we leave the desert floor to 
climb to Taboose Pass with its breathtaking views.  From here, our 
adventure takes us to our camp at Bench Lake with its classic 
view of Arrow Peak.

*** Taboose: Climb-O-Rama '99
Peaks:	Wynne, Pinchot, Pyramid, Striped, Goodale, 
	Cardinal, Ruskin, Pinchot, Marion, State, 
	Prater, and Observation
Dates:	July 3-11 (Sat-Sun, July 4th week)
Leaders:	Steve Eckert, eckert@climber.org
	Bob Suzuki, bobszk@BIGFOOT.COM

We're planning another Climb-O-Rama for peakbaggers who just 
can't live with only one peak per day. This year's trip features 
fewer campsites  (we hope to spend two nights in the same place 
several times) and more  seldom visited peaks (probably including 
some first ascents of the year) and  you get at least one peak 
every day, but the first one.

It's a 9 day trip but all the peaks except Observation fit into an 8 
day  schedule (spare day for weather!) with no day over 12 miles 
and only one day  over 5000'. You can skip a peak now and then 
to relax, or skip entire days  by leaving the group and joining us 

NOTE: This trip is full. However, a waiting list is being kept so 
send in your name anyway.

*** Mt Sill
Peak:	Mt Sill 14,162' Class 3, 
	Map, USGS Mt Goddard 15
Dates:	July 17, 18, 19, 1999
Contact:	Bill Kirkpatrick, wmkirk@earthlink.net
	(408) 279-3450.  H (408) 293-2447
Co-contact:	Ahmad Zandi, ahmad@zandi.com
	(408) 616-5783 H (408) 255-4233

Secor says that Mt Sill " .has the best view from any summit in the 
Sierra."  We will climb from the southwest ridge. Leaving from 
South Lake, we will backpack about 10 miles over Bishop Pass 
and Thunderbolt Pass to camp in the Palisade Basin. To gain the 
summit we will have to cross difficult terrain and climb about 4,000 
feet. Use of ice axes and crampons may be required. This trip will 
be a lot of grunt work, but worth the effort.  Permit for six.

*** Ragged & Conness
Peak:	Ragged Peak (10,912'), Mt. Conness (12,590')
Map:	Tuolumne Meadows 15' topo, Class: 2-3
Dates:	July 24-25 (Sat-Sun)
Contact:	Bob Suzuki, w: 510-657-7555  >8pm:
		 408-259-0772; bobszk@bigfoot.com
	Bonnie Ruesch w: 408-795-1393
		h: 408-997-8323, BonnitaR@aol.com

Enjoy a moderate backpack hike from Tuolumne Meadows 
to our basecamp at lower Young Lake; we'll bag Ragged 
Peak on the way in. Sunday morning's ascent will reward 
us with scenic vistas from the summit of Mt Conness. 
Expect mosquitoes and bears. Ice axe maybe useful.

*** Lucky Sevens: Mt. Ritter Annual Pilgrimage
Peaks:	Mt. Ritter (13,150'), Banner Peak (12,900')
Dates:	July 26-31, 1999
Contact:	Alan Ritter jar@storz.com
	(314) 225-7600, x5362, 7:30 a.m. 5:30 p.m. CST
Reference:	http://www.climber.org/pcs/Feature/Ritter1998/

Not being one to give up easily, I will make a lucky seventh 
attempt at my namesake peak this summer.  Trailhead date is 
Monday, 26 July, at Agnew Meadows.  We will hike in via the 
Shadow Creek trail and camp near/above Ediza Lake (9,200').  
From there, the climb will follow the same route as last year (sans 
route-finding error!), via the Southeast Glacier and on to the 
summit of Ritter.  Summit day will involve about 3,500' of gain, 
almost all class 2, perhaps a little low class 3 snow, depending on 
conditions.  Ice axe and crampons will be required.  Time, 
weather, and energy permitting, we will attempt neighboring 
Banner Peak (12,900') one of the following days.  Plan to return to 
Mammoth on Friday, 30 July or Saturday, 31 July.

*** Palisade Crest
Peak:	Palisdade Crest 13520', Class 4
Dates:	July 30- Aug 1
Contact:	Peter Maxwell (408) 737 9770

We'll start off hiking the South Fork of Big Pine Creek, heading to 
camp at Elinore Lake.  The route up the peak will be the 
Northwest Ridge, which leads off from Scimitar Pass.  This is a 
class 4 peak for experienced climbers only. The trip is private and 
participants should be known to the organizer, or be able to be 
vouched for by someone known to the organizer.

*** Colby Pass Cleanout
Peaks:	Glacier Ridge (12416) Kern Point (12789)
       	Picket Guard (12302) Whaleback (11726)
Dates:	July 30 - August 3 (Sat-Tue)
Contact:	 Steve Eckert, eckert@climber.org

I'll be joining RJ Secor for part of his CMC trip, entering on my 
own permit a week after he starts and exiting before he does. 
Expect some high mileage days, and a bit of class 4 near the 
summit of Glacier Ridge. Whaleback is class 3; the others are 
class 2 with trail approaches to all of them. Since we're joining 
another group mid-trip, schedules may change and everyone 
should be comfortable without a formal leader.

*** School's Out
Peaks:	Recess, Gabb, and Hilgard
Dates:	Aug 13-16 (Fri-Mon)
Contact:	Steve Eckert, eckert@climber.org

A somewhat mellow west-side trip starting near Lake Edison. The 
permit is full, but there is a short wait list if you want to get in line. 
You could also get another permit and join us!

*** Clarence King & Gardiner
Peaks:	Clarence King and Gardiner.
Dates:	Sept 3-6
Contact:	Rick Booth at 408-354-7291 or 
	Dee Booth, rdbooth@worldnet.att.net

Pack in from Onion Valley over Kearsarge Pass and Glenn Pass 
into Rae lakes and eventually into Sixty Lakes Basin.  Estimated 
distance is 10 miles. This is kind of a chug. Clarence King has a 
fifth class summit block requiring a few moves of about 5.4.  
Gardiner has a longish fourth-class summit ridge. Requirements: 
Both peaks require rope and modest rock climbing skills. You 
should know my wife or me or know someone who knows us.  
This is a private trip.

*** Needsaw, Hamtooth
Peaks:	Needham (12467), Sawtooth (12343) class 2
Dates:	Sep 18-19 (Sat-Sun)
Contact:	Steve Eckert 

Depending on who signs up, we'll do the standard grunt to 
Needham over the top of Sawtooth, or we'll skip Monarch Lake 
and go directly to Needham (which might involve a bit of class 3 
scrambling on an unscouted route). This area is great in the fall, 
when the bugs are dead and the marmots have their fill of salt 
bush (so your car doesn't look like a buffet). Needham could be 
done as a very long day hike if you just want to join us on 
Sunday's climb.

*** Nepal October 1999
Peak:	Chulu West, 20,500Ft
Date:	October 1999
Contact:	Warren Storkman, warren@climber.org

*** The Coming Millennium Celebration
Peak:	Kilimanjaro 19,340 Uhuru Peak.  
Date:	Jan 12, 2000
Contact:	Warren Storkman, warren@climber.org

Warren Storkman is collecting used boots and shoes for porters in Nepal and Africa. 
Contact warren@climber.org or 650-493-8959 if you have anything you can donate!


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