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Scree for April, 1998

This is the EScree - the Electronic version of the Scree newsletter from
the Peak Climbing Section of the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club.
It should be viewed or printed with a fixed-pitch font such as Courier.
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                  April, 1998	Vol. 32, No. 4
    Deadline for submissions to the next Scree is Sunday 4/26/98. 

Next general meeting (PCS meetings are the second tuesday of each month)

Date:	Tuesday, April 14, 1998
Time:	7:30 PM Not 8:00 PM as usual
Program: Science of Survival by Jim Wiltens

This meeting coincides with a North Face 
program. Our meeting will be short with no 
refreshments. The Science of Survival. An 
evening with adventurer Jim Wiltens. Jim is an 
expert in wilderness survival a skill that all of us 
mountaineers need to know.

Location: The North Face
217 Alma Street in Palo Alto, just north of the CalTrain station

((PDF version of EScree has a drawn map here)) 

By-Law and Operating Rules Meeting:

On Wednesday, January 14, 1998, a meeting to examine the by-
laws and operating rules, was held at Roger Crawley's house. 
Present: Debbie Benham, Steve Eckert, Dick Simpson, Roger 
Crawley, Nancy Fitzsimmons, Robert Bynum, and Kelly Maas. 
October 1995 By Laws- Are Valid. Operating Rules- Are Valid. 
Agreement: The Mountaineering Committee will review current 

Climbing Your Own: Everest with Arlene Blum

Date: 	Saturday, May 2, 1998
Purpose:	Leadership Skills for the Outdoors
Place:	Coyote Point Museum

In these competitive times, we need leadership skills at all levels 
of our organizations. Current research shows that exemplary 
leadership can be learned.  Arlene Blum, noted writer, chemist 
and expedition leader, believes that everyone has leadership 
skills, that every leader is also a learner, and that we can all learn 
to achieve extraordinary results. Sponsored by the Sierra Club, 
Arlene will offer a one-day workshop on `Leadership Skills for 
Outdoor Adventures'  The day will include lecture that uses 
mountaineering and adventure travel as metaphors to show the 
extraordinary objectives people can achieve with vision, 
commitment, and teamwork. Cost is $75 before April 1st; after 
4/1/98, $100/person. Make check payable to: Arlene Blum 
Lectures and mail to: Julia Bott/Sierra Club, Loma Prieta 
Chapter, 3921 E. Bayshore Blvd., Palo Alto, CA 94303. Contact 
Debbie Benham for further information at 650/964-0558 or 


Trip Leaders Wanted

Becoming a PCS trip leader is easier than you probably think.  
The procedure was listed in the December SCREE. I am putting 
this notice in to emphasize that we can always use more leaders.

1998 Advance Trip List

The trips listed below were proposed at the trip leaders' 
meeting on Feb. 24. Thanks to all the leaders for showing 
up and planning a roster of trips that is a good mix of 
degree of difficulty. We have a high number of beginner 
trips as well.


The time to sign up is after the trip is formally announced in 
the Scree, with a full description. Many of these trips are 
contingent on obtaining permits, and plans for some of 
them will change. This list is intended to prevent trip 
scheduling conflicts and to help you plan your summer, 
NOT to enable people to sign up way in advance. If you are 
planning a trip, and if you change your plans or can't get a 
permit, please contact the Scree Editor to keep this list up 
to date. Leaders for some trips are not listed at their 
request. Class x-y mean s the climb is between class x and 
class y. Class x,y,z applies to multi-peak trips where the 
peaks vary in difficulty. In the case of some non-Sierra 
peaks, the class was unknown to the PCS-trip-scheduler 
(marked ?). This year, the abundance of snow will add a 
dimension to the class of the climb, so check with the trip 
leader when he/she announces the trip. If you spot any 
mistakes in the schedule, please let me know.

 - Arun Mahajan, PCS Trip Scheduler


3-6	Telescope Peak, Wild Rose Peak	1	Bill Kirkpatrick

2/3	Mt. Hood	3(Snow)	David Harris
16/17/18	Muah/Cartago/Kern	2/2+	Aaron Schuman/ Steve Eckert
23/24/25 	Matterhorn	3(snow)	Kai Weidman
23/24/25	Mt. Adams	3(snow)	David Harris
23/24/25	Tallac/Rose	2(snow)	?
23/24/25	Stanford/ Morgan	2/ 2(snow)	Charles Schafer/ Steve Eckert

6/7	Baxter, Colosseum	2/1	Steve Eckert, Aaron Schuman

12/13/14	Williamson	3	Bill Kirkpatrick, Alex Keith
13/14/15	Harrington, Kennedy	3/1	Bob Suzuki, Ron Karpel
20/21/22	Leavitt Peak	2 (snow)	?
27-7/6	Whitney Region	2/3	Steve Eckert, Bob Suzuki

3/4/5	Trinity Alps	2/3	?
3 to 10	Goat/Kid/State/Marion/Kennedy	2/2/2/2/1	?
3 to 9	Deerhorn/ East Vidette/Brewer	3/3/2	David Harris
10/11/12/13	Ruskin/Marion/Arrow	3/2/2	?
17/18/19	Lyell/Maclure	3/3	Bill Kirkpatrick/ Nancy Fitzsimmons
25/26	Matterhorn	2	Ron Karpel
25/26	Twin	2	?
31 to 8/2	Clyde Minaret	3	?

7/8/9	Seven Gables	2	?
15/16	Bear Creek Spire /Abbott	3/3	?
17 to 23	Milestone Basin peak bag	3	?
21/22/23	Rodgers Peak	3	?
21/22/23	3 Sisters, Spanish Mt.	1/1	Aaron Schuman
28/29/30	Silliman	2	Ron Karpel

4/5/6/7	McDuffie, Wheel, Gemini	3/2/2	?
5/6/7	Mineral King region	1/1	?
5/6/7	Hooper, Senger	2/3	?
12/13	Family Car Camp (Warren/Gibbs)	1/2	Aaron Schuman,   Cecil Ann
12/13 or 18/19/20	Dana Couloir	Ice	George Van Gorden
19/20	Bago, Dragon, Ricksford	1/3/2	Bob Suzuki, Ron Karpel
26/27	Winchell, Aggasiz	3/2	?

3/4	Humphreys	4	?
3/4	Independence, Kearsarge	3/1	Bob Suzuki, Ron Karpel
9/10/11	Tyndall	2	?
10/11	Rockhous, Siretta, Taylor	2/1/2	Aaron Schuman
9/10/11	Marble Mnt 	?	?
?	Mera Peak	1/2	Warren Storkman

Official (PCS) Trips

PCS trips must be submitted through the Scheduler (see back 
cover for details). Trips not received from the Scheduler will 
be listed as PRIVATE, without recourse.

*** Delenda Est Cartago
Peaks:	Muah, Cartago; class 2, 2s3
Dates:	May 16-17    Sat-Sun 
Maps:	Olancha 15 min. 
Leaders:	Steve Eckert    H 650-508-0500 	eckert@netcom.com
	Aaron Schuman   H 650-968-9184	W 650-943-7532	aaron_schuman@yahoo.com
Details: http://sj.znet.com/~cynthiam/cartago.html

Join us for the long backpack from Horseshoe Meadows to 
Mt Muah 11016, class 2) and Cartago Peak (10480+, class 
2s3).  It's a desert area, but quite a bit of last winter's snow 
might linger. We're covering a lot of mileage in two days; so 
come prepared for a workout.  Peakbaggers with more time 
may join Steve on Kern Peak (11,510) on Monday.

Pending Official Trip

As of publication, this trip is not yet an official trip. It has 
been submitted to the mountaineering committee for 
approval and we hope that it will be designated official when 
the trip takes place.

*** Sawmill Pass
Peaks:	Baxter, Colosseum; class 2, 1
Dates:	Jun. 06-07       Sat-Sun 
Maps:	Pinchot 15 min. or Aberdeen 7.5 min.
Leaders:	Steve Eckert    H 650-508-0500	eckert@netcom.com
	Aaron Schuman   H 650-968-9184	W 650-943-7532, aaron_schuman@yahoo.com
Details: http://sj.znet.com/~cynthiam/sawmill.html

Starting from the thirsty roadhead at only 4600 feet, labor 
up to Sawmill Pass (11343).  Visit Mt. Baxter (13136, class 
2) and Colosseum Mt. (12451, class 1).  Expect to climb 
into last winter's snow.  Ice axe and crampons are required. 
The days will be long and the pace fast.  This will be a fun 
trip for experienced snow climbers.

Notes and Requests

*** Medic/First Aid Classes

To help trip leaders and would-be leaders get the required First 
Aid certificate, the Chapter sponsors a First Aid class each 
quarter, based on a nationally recognized first aid text, but with 
added material and emphasis on wilderness situations with no 
phone to dial 911. The classes will be taught on Saturday, May 
16 and Sunday, May 17 at the Peninsula Conservation Center in 
Palo Alto (from Bayshore/Hwy. 101 at San Antonio, turn toward 
the Bay; turn left at 1st stoplight, then right at Corporation Way 
to park behind PCC). Class is 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (1 hour for 
your bag lunch) and is limited to 12 people. To sign up, send a 
check for $38 with a stamped, self-addressed business-sized 
envelope to: Health Education Services, 200 Waverly, Menlo 
Park, CA 94025. Cancellations get partial refund if a substitute 
attends (you get to keep the Wilderness First Aid book). For more 
information, call 650-321-6500.

*** Andes and Himalayan Expeditions

I am looking for climbers interested in a summer 1998 trip to the 
Peruvian Andes. My intention is to focus on some of the more 
technical routes in the Cordillera Blanca, but I'm open for 
discussion on other objectives.

I am also interested in joining a Himalayan expedition in 1998. If 
you are planning a Himalayan expedition and are in need of 
another team member, please call 415-309-0570 or drop me a 
line at P.O. Box 8757, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546.

 -- Craig Clarence 

PCS Policy on Official Sanction for Advanced Trips 

A PCS leader may lead official trips that need the use of 
'mountaineering hardware' (ropes, ice axes, carabiners and the 
like). These would be either/or trips that are class 4 and above 
and trips in the snow that need at least an axe. 

 1. Submit to either Arun or Kelly or Peter, the trip description in 
an application form. 

2. The mountaineering committee members and Hal Tompkins 
(the PCS MC and Hal form the chapter Mountaineering 
Oversight Committee) will then approve/disapprove of the trip 
based on the plans, leader qualification for that class of trip. 

3. The chapter MOC then informs the leader of the 
approval/disapproval and sends the information to the national 

4. The national MOC informs the chapter MOC of its approval. 

5. Chapter MOC tells leader of approval. 

6. Leader asks all participants to fill waiver forms and approves 
qualified participants. This may be done while awaiting national 
MOC approval. 

7. After the trip is done, a list of all trip participants (sign in 
sheet including names/address/sierra club membership number of 
all participants) and the liability release signed by all participants 
should be sent to Cathy Benton at the address on the top of the 
application form. A trip report has to be sent to the chair of the 
PCS as well. 

8. The approval process is expected to take six weeks at least, so 
please plan to apply accordingly. 

9. The training trip application form, general trip application 
form, sign in sheet and liability release are available on the PCS 
web site at these URLs: 


If you need more detail, contact the PCS mountaineering 
	Arun Mahajan arun@sentientnet.com, 650 327-8598
	Kelly Maas maas@idt.com, 408-279-2054
	Peter Maxwell peterm@aoraki.dtc.hp.com, 408-737-9770

Roundtop (10381 ft) - March 15, 1998

El Nino generated ennui had descended on most of us and so at 
the hint of probably the first good weekend in months, 13 PCS'ers 
decided to break out their gore-texes and fleece and other 
synthetic stuff from storage and give them that much needed 
whiff of the fresh mountain air.

Led by George Van Gorden, some on skis and some on 
snowshoes, we started off at the snow park at Carson Pass at 8.40 
am on Sunday the 15th of March, also variously known as the 
Dandelion Weekend to the local populace of bustling Jackson.

Soft snow, warm weather and bright sunshine made for an 
extremely pleasurable hike upto the pseudo-summit of Roundtop 
in 3 hours. The true summit, a snowy cone, is separated from this 
first summit

by 2 smaller bumps. A few of us who had come upto this first 
summit at the same time of the year, two years ago, had avoided 
the true summit because it had appeared hard, but this time the 
large amount of snow was in our favor. Bob Suzuki climbed 
down to the ridge and skirted the bumps and came to the base of 
the cone. There is a small rocky step to be negotiated here, our 
version of the Hillary Step, and doing it with crampons offered 
just that extra bit of challenge that we were all looking for. Bob 
topped it with ease and climbed up the steep cone to the summit 
and very soon all of us followed him to the top.

The hour long summit halt was over at 12.45 and by 2.45 PM we 
were all at the cars, happy to have lucked out on the weather and 
to have bagged a peak in the process. The round trip time was six 
hours at a modest pace.

Trip participants: George Van Gorden, Larry, Alex Keith, Bob 
Suzuki, Roger Crawley, Milushe Kudnrnovska, Nancy 
Fitzsimmons, Ahmad Zandi, Scott Kreider, Kelly Maas, Landa 
Robillard, Ted Raczek and Arun Mahajan.

 -- Arun Mahajan

Junipero Serra Peak - February 28, 1998

The sun was out! It had been  hidden behind clouds for nearly 
three months. Almost all the trips I had planned to make this 
winter got canceled, and the few that did not,  took place in 
stormy conditions. We were all tired of the rain of this big El 
Nino year, but this day was different. The sun was shining, and it 
felt a little like spring. I was not the only person feeling this; 
fifteen other PCS'rs dropped everything with just a short notice, 
and joined me on this hike.

We met in Morgan Hill at 7:00 AM and carpooled to Fort Hunter 
Liggett. The stream crossing at Del Vontura Rd. was flooded 
with over a foot of water, and the gates were locked. But luckily 
the Lower Milpitas Road, which is not paved, was open and in 
good condition. We got to the trailhead near Indian Ranger 
station by 10:00 AM. (See direction to the trailhead below.)

The trail was well marked and easy to follow. There were some 
creek crossings that required boulder hopping. and the flat parts 
of the trail were partially flooded. But considering all the rain we 
got in the last few month we could not complain. The trail, called 
Santa Lucia Trail, starts fairly flat for the first couple of miles, 
then climbed steeply to a saddle on the western ridge of Junipero 
Serra Peak. There, a spur trail leads East to the summit. 
Although the guide book warned us about the possibility of snow 
on the summit, I was surprised that it started a good 500 ft. lower 
then the summit, and was up to a foot deep in places.

We spent a good hour basking in the sun and exploring in the 
summit area, and then headed back down. A few of us were 
running low on water. I had carried 2 quarts with me, but I drank 
it all. I guess we were somewhat not prepared for the nice, warm 
weather. Luckily, Steve Eckert was on his "getting in shape" 
binge, and was carrying 3 gallons of water as ballast. He pretty 
much emptied his ballast into our water bottles. This should 
serve as a warning to anyone attempting this peak. Carry water, a 
lot of water.

Participants: Ron Karpel (Leader), Joan Marshall, Tim Kutzcha, 
Nancy Fitzsimmons, Dan Tischler, Ted Raczek, Anh Duong, 
Steve Eckert, Aaron Schuman, Mark Godecki, Rich Calliger, 
Arun Mahajan, George Van Gorden, Richard Vassar, Ahmad 

Direction to the trailhead, by Arun Mahajan:

From 101, 1 Mile north of King City or 105 miles south of SJ, 
take the Jolon Rd exit. Proceed 16.8 miles to Mission Road. Turn 
on Mission Road, pass Hunter Liggett Mil Res. checkpoint Drive 
5 miles to the intersection with Del Ventura Road with a sign for 
Santa Lucia Memorial Park. Turn left on Del Ventura Road 
which becomes Milpitas Road. Cross a

creek after 0.3 mile and another after 7 miles on the DV Road. 10 
miles after the second creek, is the trailhead, marked by the 
Santa Lucia

Trail sign on the right side of the road near a 10mph sign. Turn 
right on the small dirt road there to a parking lot.

A lot of detail of the trail itself can be found in the Calif. County 
Summits by Gary Suttle. I bought it at REI.

Numbers to call: (In the 408 area code).

Los Padres National Forest office in King City (385-5434) and 
the "Range Control" office at Fort Hunter Leggett (386-2403). 
The second number was the one that gave me better information.

 --  Ron Karpel

Lightweight Ice Axes

About a month ago, there was a discussion about lightweight ice 
axes on the broadcast e-mail list. I thought that it would be 
helpful to list some of the names here. This information was 
extracted from several e-mail messages This list is not intended 
to be a complete. If there is greater interest in this subject, I can 
do more research and provide a more complete list.

Cassin Dragonfly	12 oz	75 cm.
Grivel Air Tech:	500 gm	70cm.
Grivel Air-Race:	14 oz	66cm.
Kong:	13 oz	75 cm.
Cassin is sold by Sunrise Mountaineering, Livermore 925-447-8330
Grivel : http://WWW.GRIVEL.COM/
Grivel is sold by Mountain Gear in WA http://www.mgear.com/
Kong is sold by Pagan Mountaineering in Washington at 360-956-0360 or 360-715-2188

 -- Bob Bynum

Unofficial (Private) Trips

Private trips may be submitted directly to the Scree Editor, 
but are not insured, sponsored, or supervised by the Sierra 
Club. They are listed here because they may be of interest to 
PCS members, not because they are endorsed by the PCS.

*** Scoping Out the Rose
Peak:	Telescope Peak (11,058)
Date:	April 3-6 1998.
Contact: 	Leader: Nancy Fitzsimmons, 
Nancy_Fitzsimmons@BayNetworks.com, H: 408-957-9683
Co-Contact: Bill Kirkpatrick.wmkirk@earthlink.net,      
H:408-293-2447, W:408-279-3450.

Meet Panamint Valley on Friday Afternoon of April 3rd. 
Saturday we will climb Telescope Peak and Sunday Wild 
Rose Peak. Return home on Monday. Great time of the 
year for wildflower's and car camping. Contact leader for 

*** Mountaineers on the Hood
Peaks:	Mt. Hood, possibly St. Helens
Date:	May 2-3 Sat-Sun
Contact:	David Harris   harrisd@leland.stanford.edu   
(650) 725-8811

Join us for a romp up this spectacular Cascade volcano. 
We'll be flying into Portland Friday evening and driving to 
Hood for an alpine start on Saturday.  If time permits, we 
may visit St. Helens on Sunday.  Ice axe and crampons 
required.  If you have not climbed with me before, please 
send a resume of your experience and conditioning.

*** Mount Adams
Peak:	Mt. Adams
Date:	May 23-25 Sat-Mon
Contact:	David Harris  harrisd@leland.stanford.edu 
(650) 725-8811

Experienced ice climbers may join us for a challenging 
ascent of the Adams Glacier on Mt. Adams.  We'll fly to 
Portland Friday  evening. Saturday will include the 
approach hike to the base of the icefall on the Adams 
Glacier and should have time for crevice rescue practice.  
On Sunday we will attempt the ice fall. Monday is an extra 
day in case of weather or other adverse conditions. There 
is a serious rockfall risk, so helmets are advised in addition 
to crampons, ropes, and ice tools.  

Warning: I am not an experienced ice climber and not the 
leader on ice. If you would like to join us, send a climbing 
resume of relevant experience and conditioning.

*** Matterhorn Peak
Peak:	 Matterhorn Peak (12,264), Class 3 snow
Dates:	 May 23-25
Map:	 Matterhorn Peak, Buckeye Ridge 7.5 min.
Contact: 	 Kai Wiedman (650)347-5234

The Sawtooth Ridge is an alpine cluster of peaks known for 
its clean, white granite and interesting glaciers. The Ridge 
contains much charm and is affectionately known as, "The 
Poor Man's Chamonix."  The Matterhorn is an impressive 
peak with a commanding view. Secor thinks a ski tour from 
the summit can be one of the finest mountaineering 
experiences on the continent. Ski or snowshoes necessary.

*** Nepal
Peak:	Mera Peak (21,200), 
Date:	October 1998 (21 day trip)
Contact:	Warren Storkman 
	650-493-8959(H)	650-493-8975(FAX)

Mera Peak 21,200 also a trekking group to Kala Pattan. 
Trek from Arun River, a seldom traveled route. People and  
villages that are not accustomed to seeing  Westerners. I'll 
retrace a 1983 trek. Remember, all financing is done 
directly with the provider. Nothing through Warren. That's 
the reason we get good prices and excellent service. We 
have our own cook. No tea house. No "Delhi Belly". For the 
itinerary and other information, contact Warren.

*** Mt. Ritter: The Annual Pilgrimage
Peaks:	Mt. Ritter (13,150'), Banner Peak (12,890')
Dates:	July 5-10, 1998
Contact:	Alan Ritter, jar@storz.com 
		W: 314-225-7600 x5362 (7:30am-5:00pm CDT)

Not one to give up easily, I will return to my namesake peak 
for a sixth attempt in July. We will meet at the Agnew 
Meadows trailhead on Sunday, 5 July, hike to Ediza Lake or 
nearby, and attempt Mt. Ritter on the first nice day 
thereafter. Route will be the Southeast Glacier, Class 3 per 
Secor.  Ice axe and crampons required, given that 
Mammoth has seen almost 400" of snow by 1 March. 
Assuming success on Ritter, we may try neighboring 
Banner Peak a via the Ritter/Banner Saddle route, mostly 
class 2, but with a bit of class 3 snow just below the saddle.  
Success on both peaks may leave us with time to explore 
the Ritter  Range and surrounds, which is worth the trip 
even without the climbs.

*** Climb-O-Rama '98
Peaks:	Tunnabora, Joe Devel, McAdie, Guyot, Hale, 
Chamberlin, Pickering, Mallory and others
Dates:	June 27-July 5 or July 6
Contact:	Bob Suzuki, bobszk@pacbell.net 408-259-0772
	Steve Eckert, eckert@netcom.com 650-508-0500

If you have only one long vacation this summer, this is it! 
We think we can do 14 peaks in 8 days, with only one day 
over 4000' of gain and no day over 12 miles, most under 10 
miles, entering and exiting at Whitney Portal. We've got it 
down to 3 backcountry campsites, from which you will have 
access to all 16 of the SPS list peaks in the Whitney area. 
9000' of gain for the full week, and day trips to several 
peaks per day will allow cutting back if you want to relax. 
Ice axe and crampons required. You will need to sign a 
liability waiver which you can obtain from:

Also you will need to convince us that you know what you 
are doing. We have already secured two permits for 6 
people each. The $50 cost for both permits will be split 
among the people who go. Contact either one of us for 
details or to reserve a spot: $10 non-refundable deposit 
when you sign up, to be given back to you at the trailhead, 
less permit cost.


Scree is the monthly journal of the Peak Climbing Section 
of the Sierra Club, Loma Prieta Chapter.

Elected Officials

	Roger  Crawley 
	650-321-8602  home
	761 Nash Avenue, Menlo Park, CA 94025

Vice Chair and Trip Scheduler:
	Arun Mahajan / arun@sentientnet.com 
	650 327-8598 home, 408-473-8029 work,
	1745 Alma Street, Palo Alto, Ca 94301.

Treasurer and Membership Roster (address changes):
	Nancy Fitzsimmons/Nancy_Fitzsimmons@BayNetworks.com
	408-957-9683 home
	1025 Abbott Avenue, Milpitas, CA 95035

Appointed Positions

Scree Editor:
	Bob Bynum / rfbynum@aol.com
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PCS World Wide Web Publisher:
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Subscriptions and Email List Info

Hardcopy subscriptions are $10. Subscription applications and 
checks payable to "PCS" should be mailed to the Treasurer so 
they arrive before the last Tuesday of the expiration month. If 
you are on the PCS email list (discussion version or lower-
volume news version), you have a free EScree subscription. For 
broadcast info, send Email to  with 
the one-line message
   INFO lomap-peak-climbing
or contact a human at . EScree subscribers
should send a subscription form to the Treasurer to become voting
PCS members at no charge. All subscribers are requested to send a 
donation of $2/year to cover operating expenses other than 
printing the Scree. The Scree is on the PCS web site (as both plain 
text and PDF) at

Rock Climbing Classifications

The following trip classifications are to assist you in choosing trips 
for which you are qualified. No simple rating system can anticipate 
all possible conditions.
	Class 1: Walking on a trail.
	Class 2: Walking cross-country, using hands for balance.
	Class 3: Requires use of hands for climbing, rope may be used.
	Class 4: Requires rope belays.
	Class 5: Technical rock climbing.

In Upcoming Issues:
June 9, 1998: Bob DeNike, Baffin Island
September 8, 1998 Charles Schafer
Deadline for submissions to the next Scree is Sunday 4/26/98.
Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month.

"Vy can't ve chust climb?" - John Salathe