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Private Trips

Private trips are non-Sierra Club activities which are not sponsored or administered by the PCS or the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club has no information about the planning of these activities and makes no representations or warranties about the quality, safety, supervision or management of such activities. The organizers of these trips might not be approved PCS Leaders or even members of the PCS or Sierra Club. These trips are listed here because they may be of interest to PCS members.

Private trip announcements should be submitted to the Scree Editor:

Private trips are not sponsored or administered by the Sierra Club.

Goddard and Reinstein

Mt. Goddard (13,568') and Mt. Reinstein (12,586')

Mts. Goddard and Reinstein from the West, class 2/3, but plan on bringing ice axe and crampons for the higher snow fields early in the season. We will enter from the West, proceed over Hell for Sure Pass, and camp at Martha Lake. Given this is a 5 day hike, the pace will be moderate. Wait list only for this hike. contact: timdhultatsbcglobal dot net

Class 2/3 but possible ice axe and crampons
Courtright Reservoir
Tim Hult

Hooper, Senger, Gemini, 7 Gables

Hooper (12,349'), Senger (12,286'), Gemini (12,088'), possibly Seven Gables (13,080')

Hooper (12,349), Senger (12,286), Gemini (12,088) and possibly 7 Gables (13,080). We will begin at Florence Lake ferry ride on 1 September. Trip is rated at class 3/4 for some of the peaks, and 2 for others. Permit is for 4. Participants must be comfortable with climbing up to class 4 and knowledgeable on use of a rope and proper technique. Contact

Class 4
Florence Lake
Tim Hult

Mount Gayley

Mount Gayley (13,510')

Gayley is on one end of a spectacular ring of peaks and the most alpine region of the Sierra with 5 peaks over 14000 ft next to it in a circle and the largest glacier in the Sierra in between.

Start from Big Pine on Saturday and then take the North Fork of Big Pine Creek and huff and puff our way to Gayley Camp at the edge of the Palisade Glacier. Sunday: Alpine start to go to Glacier Notch and then the Yellow Brick Road (aka Golden Staircase) route (class 3) to the summit and back to camp. If time and energy permit, pack out to the trailhead the same day. Otherwise, early morning pack out and hike out to the cars on Monday instead. Class 3 climbing; ice-axe and crampons may be needed for the walk to Glacier Notch from Gayley camp.

Participants must have this level of experience.

Organiser(s): Arun Mahajan (
Scott Kreider (

Class-3 rock, ice-axe, crampons, helmets required
Big Pine, Eastside of the Sierra
Arun Mahajan
Scott Kreider