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Private Trips

Private trips are non-Sierra Club activities which are not sponsored or administered by the PCS or the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club has no information about the planning of these activities and makes no representations or warranties about the quality, safety, supervision or management of such activities. The organizers of these trips might not be approved PCS Leaders or even members of the PCS or Sierra Club. These trips are listed here because they may be of interest to PCS members.

Private trip announcements should be submitted to the Scree Editor:

Private trips are not sponsored or administered by the Sierra Club.

Diamond on the Soles of Your Shoes

Diamond Peak (13,127'), Mt. Mary Austin (13,040')

We’ll start low at the end of the Oak Creek Road (6,000') and hike the Baxter Pass trail from desert up into spring slush. The snow will be firmed up by the time we reach our camp at Summit Meadow (10,800'). We’ll ascend the southeast face of Diamond Peak (13,127'), which RJ Secor calls “a splendid snow climb in the spring”. If we have time, we’ll also attempt the often seen but rarely visited Mount Mary Austin. Participants are skilled with ice axe for self-arrest and use of crampons on a mid-angle slope. Some members of the party will choose skis; others snowshoes.

Leader: Steve Eckert 650-508-0500
Co-leader: Aaron Schuman 650-968-9184

Class 2 Snow Climb
Pacific Crest, Kings Canyon National Park
Steve Eckert
Aaron Schuman

Senator, You are no Mount Kennedy

Mt. Hutchings (10,785'), Kennedy Mtn (11,433'), Slide Peak (10,915')

From Cedar Grove (5,035'), we’ll hike up the Copper Creek trail. When we meet snow, some of us will switch to skis and others to snowshoes. We’ll set up camp in Upper Tent Meadow (9,189') and make a side jaunt to Mt Hutchings (10,785'). Saturday, we’ll pack over Granite Pass (10,673') to the north side of the Monarch Divide, traverse up and down through the Volcanic Lakes basin, and make camp at East Kennedy Lake (10,100'). Sunday, we’ll climb Kennedy Mountain (11,433') and the rarely visited Slide Peak (10,915') and return to our camp. Memorial Day, we’ll pack out all the way back to Cedar Grove and head home.

Leader: Steve Eckert 650-508-0500
Co-leader: Aaron Schuman 650-968-9184

"We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." – John F. Kennedy

Class 2 Snow Climb
Monarch Divide, Kings Canyon National Park
Steve Eckert
Aaron Schuman

Mount Lassen

Mt. Lassen (10,462')

We will climb the peak in one day. Snowshoes or skis will be necessary. We will bring crampons because they might be useful on the summit block. We will start at the old ski chalet at 8 am and be back before dark.

Contact George Van Gorden at

Snowshoes or skis; experience with crampons
Mount Lassen

Mount Shasta

Mt. Shasta (14,104')

We will attempt to climb the peak in one day. We will start from Bunny Flat at 2 am. We will plan to be on the summit by 11 am. We will be back at our cars before dark. We will be doing the standard route up Avalanche Gulch. An ice axe and crampons will be required. Hands-on training with the ice axe is necessary and everyone must have used an ice axe for self-arrest.

Contact George Van Gorden at

Strenuous - must be experienced with ice axe and crampons
Mount Shasta

Norman Clyde Peak

Norman Clyde Peak (13,855')

We will take advantage of the early season snow to see if we can find Norman Clyde’s intricate route up his namesake peak. Saturday we will hike up the S. Fork of Big Pine Creek into the vicinity of Willow Lake and then cross-country up to a camp near Elinore Lake. Sunday we will climb the 700’ snow couloir on the North Face and move around to the South side of the peak and cross a number of chutes up to the summit, return to camp and hike out. Ice axe and crampons required. Rating: 3E3 and AI1/WI2, Class 3. Leader Terry Cline.
Contact Terry Cline at

Class 3, Ice Axe and Crampons Required
Big Pine, Eastside

Mount Ritter and Banner Peak

Mount Ritter (13,143') and Banner Peak (12,936')

On Friday we will hike from Agnew Meadows up to a camp just above Ediza Lake. Saturday we will climb to the saddle between Ritter and Banner, climb Banner (class 2), descend back to the saddle and climb the North Face of Ritter (class 3), and then descend the class 3 Southeast side of Ritter to camp. Sunday we will hike back out to the cars. Ice Axe required. Rating: 2E3, Class 3. Leaders Terry Cline and Monique Messié.
Contact Terry Cline at

Class 3, Ice Axe Required
Near Mammoth, Eastside

Rocky Mountain High Points

Kings (Utah high point) class 2, 3-day hike; Borah (Idaho high point) class 2, 3-very-steep-day-hike; Granite (Montana high point) class 3, 3-day-hike

Tim Hult will be climbing the high points of three states in this period: Utah (Kings peak), Idaho (Borah Peak), Montana (Granite). All are worthy peaks set in spectacular settings. None of these are walk ups, Kings and Granite will require multi-day backpacking trip, and Borah is a stiff day hike. I plan to fly to some convenient start / stop point, rent a car and drive to all of the destinations. I'm looking for someone to share the expenses, and enjoy the climbs with. We will be meeting Steve Eckert for the Montana climb. Please contact Tim Hult: tim d hult at sbcglobal dot net (no spaces, use appropriate substitutions)

Class 2, 3 and possible use of ice axe and crampons
Utah, Idaho, Montana
Tim Hult

Round Top Redo

Round Top (10,381')

This was slated to happen on the spring weekend in March but
the weather did not cooperate. I am hoping for a better weather window
this time around.

Day trip on snow, ice-axe, crampons, skis or snowshoes. Skis with
skins or snowshoes needed for the approach then ice-axe and
crampons for the summit area.

Meet at 8.30am at Carson Pass Sno-Park on Highway-88, ready to go.
To park there you will need a sno-park permit. They are strict about this
and you will be cited (heavy fine) in case you do not have a sno-park permit.

Difficulty: Snow/winter conditions but otherwise intermediate level
skiing and you have to have experience with axe/crampons
and be able to handle the altitude of over 10k ft, early in the

Contact Arun Mahajan:

Intermediate level skiing, experience with ice axe and crampons
Carson Pass, Hwy 88
Arun Mahajan

Makalu base camp to Khumbu trek over East Col, West Col, and Mera La (6000+M passes x2)

Mera Peak (optional ascent) 6476m

I'm trying to put together a small group of like-minded folks for the "world's highest trek" in Nepal- the traverse from Makalu base camp to the Khumbu. Two passes over 6000M, option of ascending Mera 6476M. I'm a physician at PAMF and have no commercial interest in any trip. A few of my "patients" (fitter than me!) are members of the Loma Prieta peak climbing section. I will provide medical backup in route but will not be in any official role- just a participant. I have contacts with several Nepali guides and and will act as intermediary for setting up the trip *without* any financial interest at all. I've recently trekked with a large mixed group that was ill-suited for the challenges we faced- I'm hoping to put together a great group with a good Nepali Sherpa crew.

Trek info: A rigorous 4 week technical trek with sustained high altitudes over 5,000M. Two passes over 6000m and option of ascending Mera Peak at 6400+M. Roped descents of two passes. Alpine experience with fantastic view of Makalu, Lhotse, Everest, Chamlang. and Baruntse. The road much less traveled into the over-traveled Everest area. Experience at altitude and glacier travel essential.


Leader and contact info: Tom McDonald;

This is a rigorous 4-week technical trek with sustained altitudes over 5,000m


Mount Perkins (12,566')

Friday, 5/27/11 Camp up the Armstrong Canyon Road – either hike in, or drive on 4WD road, depending on conditions
Saturday, 5/28/11 climb Perkins, near Armstrong Col, and traverse ridge to Perkins
Sunday, 5/29/11 drive or hike out.

Participants must be proficient on snow, helmet, iceaxe, crampons required. Co-leader wanted.
Contact, or 650/493-8099

Proficient on snow, and use of ice axe and crampons
Eastside of the Sierras
Lisa Barboza