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Private Trips

Private trips are non-Sierra Club activities which are not sponsored or administered by the PCS or the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club has no information about the planning of these activities and makes no representations or warranties about the quality, safety, supervision or management of such activities. The organizers of these trips might not be approved PCS Leaders or even members of the PCS or Sierra Club. These trips are listed here because they may be of interest to PCS members.

Private trip announcements should be submitted to the Scree Editor:

Private trips are not sponsored or administered by the Sierra Club.

Ice Axe and Crampon Practice

Practice snow climbing techniques and maybe climb a peak

Spend a weekend at Carson Pass brushing up on ice axe and crampon skills. All skill levels are welcome, including beginners, but you'll get the most out of it if you do some studying in advance. My favorite all-round mountaineering skills book is Freedom of the Hills. Participants must supply their own equipment. There is a good chance we'll climb a peak. Be prepared to spend full days away from the car, and a lot of time lying down in wet snow (full rain gear). We'll car camp in a dry campground. Contact Kelly for further details. ( or my kamaas4.. address) or 408-378-5311.

Carson Pass
Kelly A Maas

Mount Shasta

Mt. Shasta (14,162')

We will climb the mountain by the Avalanche Gulch route. Drive Friday afternoon to the trailhead, get up early Saturday (2 am) and start climbing. Come back down the mountain the same day and drive home.

Participants need to have experience with ice axe, crampons, and self-arrest, and be in reasonable shape to climb the mountain as a day hike.

Send email to Ron Karpel,, with experience and conditioning, and ice axe/crampons experience, H & W phones, and ride share info.

Must be in good shape, and have experience with ice axe, crampons and self-arrest.
Mount Shasta
Ron Karpel

Mt. Sill

Mt. Sill (14,162')

Mt. Sill: One guide book quotes Walter Starr, Jr as having written ". . . it can be said to be the [ultimate] of all Sierra peaks in the extent and quality of the views it offers." It's also part of the main Palisades massif, overlooking the largest glacier in the Sierra. I'll lead a crack team of qualified adventurers up the North Fork of Big Pine Creek, across this glacier and up the North Couloir route. The difficult section isn't long, but participants must be solid on class 3 and must have some ice axe and crampon experience. A rope will be used. If you think you have what it takes, send me your resume.

Map: Tom Harrison Kings Canyon High Country, or North Palisade & Split Mtn USGS 7.5 min.
Leader: Kelly Maas, 408-378-5311,

Class 4 and snow
Big Pine, Eastside
Kelly A Maas

Lyell and Parsons

Lyell (13,114') and Parsons (12,040')


We will drive up on Friday and hopefully get a permit early Saturday morning. Long day on Saturday: hike in to Ireland Lake, drop our packs and climb Parsons. Another long day, Sunday, when we will move damp and climb Lyell. Hike out on Monday. I will have my 12-year-old son Gavin with me. These are the high points of Tuolumne and Mariposa Counties. Please email if interested: Leader: Jeff Fisher, 650-207-9632.

Class 2 and 3. Possible glacier travel on Lyell; crampons and ice axe may be necessary.
Tulomne Meadows, Yosemite
Jeff Fisher

Trans-Sierra Dayhike

Trans Sierra from Rock Creek to Lake Thomas Edison (or west to east)


Trans-Sierra Dayhike, Oct. 23-24 Level  5D or F. Lake Thomas Edison to Rock Creek. 22.5 miles. 6,000ft + or- gain on Saturday going west to east, or 3,600ft + or - gain going east to west on Sunday. We will be going over Mono Pass at  11,000ft. going either direction. There will be 2 groups. One on Saturday Oct. 23 going from Lake Thomas Edison to Rock Creek trail head(west to east). They will be picked up at the Rock Creek trail head by the group that will be traveling east to west the next day, Sunday Oct. 24. Everyone will camp together Saturday night. After dropping the Sunday group off at the trail head the Saturday group will drive the east to west groups cars back to the bay area. The east to west group will pick up the other cars and drive home Sunday evening. The West to east group will have to have 2 sets of sleeping gear, one that they will bring to the trailhead on Friday night and one the second group will bring over for them to use on Saturday night. Please contact me if you want to go and which direction. Also if you can drive, carpool or either.

Jeff  Fisher 650-207-9632,

Class 1 but lots of altitude gain/loss
Lake Thomas Edison OR Rock Creek (Eastside of the Sierras)
Jeff Fisher



October is generally the best month to travel in Nepal and Tibet - for weather and holiday events and particularly for the Kora around Mt Kailash.
Reason for starting the plans early.....
To give the opportunity to arrange vacation time for the 21 day trek, the 7 days in KTM and air travel.
There will be two separate flights within Nepal. The first flight will take us west to a large lowland airport with a hotel overnight. The second day we'll fly in a smaller (20 seat) plane and upon landing will start the trek. There will be 6 nights of camping then on the 7th day the group crosses into Tibet with an interesting army border check. This entry is by foot - no roads in this area.
The group will then stop camping and use a hotel on the 14th night.
For those wishing to skip Lhasa a return to KTM is on the 16th day. The Lhasa group will return to KTM on the 21st day by international air.
Without a commitment or obligating yourself just let me know if this trip is of interest to you. If you change your mind, I'll drop your name.
I'll e-mail more information and try for an early trip cost. Contact Warren Storkman (650-493-8959) or email:

Very strenuous
Warren Storkman

Split Mountain

Split Mountain (14,042')

Another prized winter 14er. Winter backcoutry travel and snowcamping skills highly recommended.

This is an intermediate/advanced trip and you must have
previous crampon/ice axe experience. You should have a solid
backpacking/hiking foundation to carry a heavy pack, a proven ability to acclimatize, and an adventurous attitude as winter climbing can be challenging and require tough decisions. Many winter attempts do not result in a summit as conditions typically must be ideal. Possibly includes Prater and Tinemaha. Led by Lisa Barboza, co-led by Emilie Cortes. Contact Lisa Barboza at Lisa.Barboza(at)

Intermediate/Advanced; 2D3 with class 2 winter climbing
Big Pine, Eastside
Lisa Barboza
Emilie Cortes

Potrero Chico, Mexico

Potrero Chico (The Little Yosemite of Northern Mexico)

Private trip to the little Yosemite of Northern Mexico. I speak Spanish and will assist with logistics. You can either come as a pre-formed climbing team, meet up
with others that are there (Thanksgiving is the high season but it is
still not too crowded), or hire a guide. Previous rock-climbing
experience recommended but not required given guided options.

As I do not lead on rock outdoors, I plan to hire a guide for the tougher
multi-pitch routes I would like to do and team up with other climbers
for mellower routes. Contact Emilie at mountaineerchica (at) gmail.
You can also visit for more info on the

Your Choice!
Hidalgo, Mexico
Emilie Cortes

Ice axe and crampon practice

Carson Pass

May 7-8, 2011 (Sat-Sun)

Spend the weekend practicing with ice axe and crampons at Carson Pass. Camp
overnight at Cyrstal Springs Campground on the other side of the pass. The
second day we will climb a peak. For those who want to come for Saturday only,
that is possible. Bring your own gear, including a waterproof layer since self
arrest practice involves lying down in snow. Coaching is provided, but
participants are expected to have studied the skills in advance.

Contact Kelly Maas at or 408-378-5311

Class 2 + snow climbing
Carson Pass, Hwy 88
Kelly A Maas

Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru

For information about this private trip, contact Daryn
Dodge at

Daryn Dodge