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Private Trips

Private trips are non-Sierra Club activities which are not sponsored or administered by the PCS or the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club has no information about the planning of these activities and makes no representations or warranties about the quality, safety, supervision or management of such activities. The organizers of these trips might not be approved PCS Leaders or even members of the PCS or Sierra Club. These trips are listed here because they may be of interest to PCS members.

Private trip announcements should be submitted to the Scree Editor:

Private trips are not sponsored or administered by the Sierra Club.

Mt. Shasta via Sargent's Ridge

Mt. Shasta

From a the trailhead at Bunny Flat, we'll spend 2 nights out in an attempt to climb Sargent's Ridge. Though the calendar says this is the first weekend of spring, we'll need to be ready for possible full winter conditions. High winds and cold temperatures are the norm on Shasta, so winter snow camping experience is expected. Ice axe and crampons required, with possible steep snow slopes to traverse or climb. No rope.

Kelly A Maas


Climbing, Hiking, Biking in Pinnacles

Come down for a weekend of climbing or if you prefer hiking or even biking. There will be climbers of varying abilities. We will reserve a group campsite. Cost is usually about $8 per person. Shoes, harness and helmet needed if you are going to be climbing. Leader; Jeff Fisher 650-207-9632, E-mail;

Class 1-5, your choice
Jeff Fisher

Mt. Shasta via Casaval Ridge

Mt. Shasta (14,179)

Two day climb Mount Shasta from the Bunny Flat TH via the spectacular Casaval Ridge.  Conditions permitting as there must be sufficient snow on this route. This is a snowshoe trip; crampons and ice axe proficiency required, no exceptions. Trip is restricted to Sierra Club members. Expect winter conditions. Be prepared for winter climbing at altitude and snow camping. Extreme weather cancels. Must be in excellent physical condition for climbing with recent experience at altitude and carrying heavy pack. This climb is strenuous and not a beginner route.  Trip will be private if not approved by the MOC.  Difficulty: Winter, crampons and ice axe.

Winter, crampons and ice axe
Mt Shasta
Lisa Barboza
Emilie Cortes

Roundtop Peak Ski or Snowshoe

Roundtop Peak

Day hike on snow, ice-axe, crampons, skis or snowshoes.  Skis with skins or snowshoes needed for the approach then ice-axe and crampons for the summit area. 

Meet at 8am at Carson Pass Sno-Park on Highway-88, ready to go.  To park there you will need a sno-park permit. 

Call/email to sign up.  Must have experience with ice-axe and crampons.

Difficulty: Snow/winter conditions but otherwise intermediate level skiing and you have to have some experience with axe/crampons and be able to handle the altitude of over 10k ft, early in the season.

Winter, crampons and ice axe
Carson Pass Sno-Park
Arun Mahajan
George Van Gorden

Crevasse Rescue Practice (South Bay)

Learn techniques

This trip is to Santa Teresa Park in San Jose where we will rig ropes over creek beds to simulate crevasses of ice and snow. Pretty cool, eh? Parking fee likely.

San Jose
Kelly A Maas

Mt. Lassen Day Climb

Mt. Lassen (10,462')

Snowshoe or skis for the approach. Ice axe and crampons may be needed near the summit area. Contact Arun for further details.

Snowshoe or skis. Ice axe and crampons may be needed.
Arun Mahajan

Ice Axe & Crampon Practice

Learn techniques, maybe climb a peak

This will be a chance to hone your skills with snow tools. Likely peak climb. Contact Kelly for details.

Kelly A Maas

North Palisades Peaks

N. Palisades (14,375 ft) and other peaks

We will be going over Bishop Pass and going up from the west side. There are 4 other 14,000ft. peaks in the area If interested in some of the other peaks let me know. Helmets would be required on the Thunderbolt and Starlite, climbing shoes recommended.. I have a permit for 7, but walk up the day before may allow us to get more.

Class 4 and 5
Eastside - South Lake
Jeff Fisher

Memorial Day week trip to Sabrina Basin peaks

Thompson, Point Powell, Wallace, Haeckel

We leave from Lake Sabrina TH near Bishop and attempt to climb Thompson-13494, Point Powell-13360, Wallace-13377, Haeckel-13418 peaks. Be prepared for snow - ice axe, crampons, and helmets required. Be prepared for spring conditions including snow camping.

Day 1: Hike in from Lake Sabrina 1500 gain, 5 miles to Hungry Packer Lake. Climb Haeckel & Wallace, return to camp. Day 2: Climb Thompson, 3000 gain, 6 miles RT back to camp. Day 3: Climb Point Powell, 3000 gain, 6 miles RT. Day 4 - Hike out or stay for bonus peaks, Gilbert-13106 and Johnson-12871.

Participants must be in excellent physical condition, skilled in use of ice axe & crampons. Note that this is a “Lisa” trip, meaning you should expect a fast pace (extreme effort) to do all these peaks. Participants do not have to do all the peaks. Fishing or reading is an option for days off.

Lake Sabrina Trailhead
Lisa Barboza

Mt. Baldwin

Mt. Baldwin (12,615')

We'll backpack from the trailhead parking at Convict Lake to our camp site at Bright Dot Lake. Sunday morning we'll ascend the northwest slope and take time for a leisurely snack on the summit. Ice axes possibly needed.

Bob Suzuki