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Sill, Temple Crag, Gayley

06/30/2012 8:00 am
07/04/2012 6:00 pm
Sill (14,153'), Temple Crag (12,900'), Gayley (13,510')

Climbing in the Palisades region. This will be a strenuous 4-5 day trip to climb these 3 peaks. Depending on snow, plan on bringing ice axe, crampons, and bear canisters. We will start at Glacier Lodge and hike in up the South Fork of Big Pine Creek to Lake Elinore, or higher in the scree field near Lake 11,744. Climbers must be in good condition, comfortable on class 4 rock. Day 1, hike in to Lake Elinore or higher, 2500' gain, 6 miles. Day 2, climb Temple Crag via Contact Pass, class 3. Day 3, climb Sill via Glacier Pass, North Col route, class 3-4 and then climb Gayley from Glacier Pass via the class 3 Golden Staircase; 4500' gain, 6 miles. Day 4, hike out.

Leaders: Lisa Barboza ( and Bob Wyka

Class 3-4, ice-axe, crampons, helmets required
Big Pine - Glacier Lodge
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