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Eclipse on Mount Shasta

05/19/2012 8:00 am
05/21/2012 6:00 pm
Mount Shasta (14,104')

Why not combine two great activities and watch a solar eclipse from the top of a mountain? On May 20 there will be an annular solar eclipse visible in northern California and we are planning to watch it from the top of Mt. Shasta. But there is a catch! The eclipse is on the 20th at 18:25. Yes, that is half past 6 in the evening! So the current plan is to camp on the summit plateau. Route is planned to be West Face Gully, but this may change. As always the conditions vary, so we may end deciding to descend after the eclipse, watch the eclipse from further down the mountain, not make the summit or watch the eclipse from the local bar.

While we are not planning on a difficult route, the time of day presents some obvious problems and all participants are thus expected to have a reasonable level of experience and past experience with sleeping at high altitude.

Leaders: Jesper Schou (schou AT and Jeff Fisher (jeff_fisher_5252 AT

Reasonable level of experience with snow conditions and with sleeping at high altitude
Mount Shasta
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