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Peaks of the Marble Mountain Wilderness

10/28/2011 7:00 am
10/30/2011 6:00 pm
Boulder Peak (8,299'), Class 2+, Black Marble Mtn (7,442'), Class 2+, Marble Mtn (6,990'), Class 2+

Map: Marble Mtn 7.5 min., Boulder Peak 7.5 min.
Leader:Kelly Maas, 408-378-5311,
Co-Leader:wanted, no experience required

These peaks may not be very high or difficult, but I've always wanted to explore
this far-off wilderness with its namesake marble mountains. For those not
familiar, this area is west of Mt Shasta. In addition to the white peaks, we'll
also climb the highest peak in the wilderness - Boulder Peak (which is a
different type of rock). There are several miles of hiking on trails between
the peaks, so it is best to pack light and prepare for some long days. If the
car situation allows, we'll enter and exit at different trailheads.

In case the weather doesn't cooperate:
Alternate #1: Black Hawk Mtn (10,348), Class 2 in Emigrant Wilderness (Hwy 108),

2 days
Alternate #2: Three Sisters (10,612) and Dogtooth Pk (10,302), both class 2 in
Dinkey Lakes Wilderness (Courtright Res), 2 days

Class 2+
West of Mount Shasta
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