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Barnard and Friends

09/08/2011 7:00 am
09/13/2011 6:00 pm
Trojan, 13950', Class 2; Versteeg, 13470', Class 2; Barnard, 13990', Class 2; Peak 4180+, 13680', Class 2; Carl Heller, 13211', Class 3; Morgenson, 13920', Class 2S3; Carillon, 13552', Class 2; Tunnabora, 13565', Class 2; The Cleaver, 13355', Class 3

We are going to take advantage of the fact that the George Creek
drainage is now open all year to climb a bunch of peaks from an unusual
direction. While we will enter via George Creek the plan is to exit via
the North Fork of Lone Pine Creek.

We are planning to do the peaks roughly in the order listed.
Enter via George Creek, climb Trojan, Versteeg, Peak 4180+ and Barnard
from the Barnard/Trojan saddle, descend Barnard to Wallace Lake, climb Carl
Heller, go towards Tulainyo Lake, climb Morgenson, Carillon, Tunnabora
and The Cleaver, exit via Russell/Carillon saddle and North Fork Lone
Pine Creek.

Our plan is to keep the details on where to camp and which days to do
each peak flexible. If we run out of time we may drop peaks of the list,
especially the ones towards the end of the list.

Difficulty: Class 3. Strenuous. Hardest day probably 3E3.

Maps: Mount Whitney and Mount Williamson (Manzanar and Mount Langley for

Leader: Jesper Schou
Co-Leader: Stephane Mouradian (to be confirmed)

Class 2 and 3. Strenuous. Hardest day probably 3E3
Eastern Sierra North of Mount Whitney
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