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Louise's 70th Birthday Celebration

08/12/2011 7:00 am
08/13/2011 6:00 pm
Iron Mountain (11,149')

The trip to Iron Mountain is to celebrate Louise's 70th birthday. She will not yet have finished the SPS peaks list (still needs Table).

The plan is for 2 groups to climb the peak, one a day hike Saturday and the other overnight Friday climbing Saturday. Following the climb Saturday evening we will meet in Mammoth for a birthday party at reserved camp sites in Sherwin Creek Campground.

Route: Hike from the ranger's station at Soda Springs (7400') to Anona Lake (9100') via Fern Lake Trail, about 8 miles. Climb the east slope (class 2) to the south ridge and walk the final ridge to the summit. One can climb onsnow, rock or talus to reach the summit ridge.

Contact Louise, louisewholey at, for space on the overnight permit. Contact Kelly Maas, kamaas444 at, to participate in the day hike.

Moderately difficult, 2D2
Mammoth area, Eastside of the Sierras
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