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Rocks Rock! - Sonja Dieterich

11/08/2011 7:30 pm
11/08/2011 9:30 pm

When I hike and climb in California, I can't help marveling at the
landscape at scales from several thousand miles to the rock I am
holding in my hands, wondering how this all came to be. In one
evening, I can only give you a glimpse into the fascinating story of
rocks, but my goal will be to wet your appetite for more by sharing my
best discoveries so far.
First, we will solve the case of the missing volcanoes. A classic
suspense story where the clue is the missing victim. Next, we will
head across the Sierras and go to a geologists heaven: Death Valley.
We will crawl on a turtle back, wondering how three of them could have
gotten there. Maybe they were trying to get to the remains of a Precambrian Ocean over in Titus Canyon, sandy beach ripples now stuck
high up on canyon walls? Ever noticed the slick-n-slides in Fall
Canyon? Who laid the mosaics in Mosaic Canyon? You may have driven the
Artists' Drive, but have you stopped to explore the weird rock
formations on the ventiform ridges across from the drive's entrance?
Crawled up all 700 vertical feet (or maybe 650 feet, lively discussion
right here!) and met two of the five endemic beetle species living on
that dune on the way? Seen a stretched pebble? The famous pregnant
bighorn sheep petroglyph?
All this and more can be seen while you climb some nice desert peaks, too!

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