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10/01/2011 8:00 am

October is generally the best month to travel in Nepal and Tibet - for weather and holiday events and particularly for the Kora around Mt Kailash.
Reason for starting the plans early.....
To give the opportunity to arrange vacation time for the 21 day trek, the 7 days in KTM and air travel.
There will be two separate flights within Nepal. The first flight will take us west to a large lowland airport with a hotel overnight. The second day we'll fly in a smaller (20 seat) plane and upon landing will start the trek. There will be 6 nights of camping then on the 7th day the group crosses into Tibet with an interesting army border check. This entry is by foot - no roads in this area.
The group will then stop camping and use a hotel on the 14th night.
For those wishing to skip Lhasa a return to KTM is on the 16th day. The Lhasa group will return to KTM on the 21st day by international air.
Without a commitment or obligating yourself just let me know if this trip is of interest to you. If you change your mind, I'll drop your name.
I'll e-mail more information and try for an early trip cost. Contact Warren Storkman (650-493-8959) or email:

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