You are here10 for 10: A Woman's Place in the Sierra Challenge - Laura Molnar

10 for 10: A Woman's Place in the Sierra Challenge - Laura Molnar

01/11/2011 7:00 pm
01/11/2011 9:00 pm
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Bob Burd describes the Sierra Challenge as something he “conceived… as a personal challenge that was at the edge of my own abilities, and wanted to share the experience with others who might similarly enjoy a good workout. Besides, suffering is more fun if you have someone to share it with.” 10 days, 10 peaks.

In ten years running this informal event, a number of women had participated, but none had completed the full ten days or climbing all ten of the selected peaks for that year. As a new hiker and mountaineer in 2007, Laura Molnar had heard about the marathon hikes and climbs of the peaks each summer, and never dreamed she would consider those sorts of goals for herself. Please join Laura as she describes the trails that led her to test herself in the realm of extreme day hiking; the training she underwent – both physically and mentally – to be ready for the event; the highs and lows of exploring both the great Sierra Nevada and the boundaries we seem to place on ourselves.

Travel with her as she runs the range from Bridgeport to Lone Pine, in the effort to become the first woman to go 10 for 10.