You are hereThe Icy Slopes of Vinson Massif - Enrique Rodriguez

The Icy Slopes of Vinson Massif - Enrique Rodriguez

03/09/2010 7:30 pm
03/09/2010 9:30 pm
Cordillera Blanca

In January 2010, Enrique Rodriguez left sunny California for the icy slopes of Vinson Massif, the high-point for the continent of Antarctica. With cold-weather resilience developed over years of
waiting for the school bus in New Hampshire and winter camping skills honed high in the alpine zone of Mt. Washington, Enrique will discuss
his sub-zero expedition in pursuit of his 6th "Seven Summit."

How do you even get to Antarctica, aka "onto the ice" ? What's day-to-day life like on an expedition to "the freezer"? How can you improve your resilience to cold? What gear was bulletproof and what gear totally failed? What's it like climbing with the youngest kid to climb Everest? ... the top Arabian/Palestinian woman? ... Himalayan veterans with numerous ascents of Everest?

For the answers to these questions
and many more, come March 9th for an exciting multimedia journey to the coldest place on Earth!

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