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Cherry Creek Canyon

09/12/2009 1:00 pm
09/13/2009 1:00 pm
Cherry Creek Canyon

Another no-peaks trip, this will conclude my Yosemite canyon trilogy of 2008-09. I've done this a couple of times, but I can't resist repeating it.
We start at Cherry Lake (reached from Sonora or Hwy 120), and the first day we hike upstream on the Kibbie Ridge trail, then drop down into a wonderland of granite that forms the upper part of the creek. On Sunday, we do a trail-less descent of the creek, sometimes traversing steep rock to avoid having to swim through pools. The water flow will be low in September. As usual, we'll bypass the committing "teacup" section. Unlike my previous trips, this time we'll be early enough in the season that the gate at Cherry Lake will be open and we can drive an additional 4.5 miles, which will eliminate 9 miles of hiking on a dirt road. yeah!

Class 2+
Emigrant Wilderness, Stanislaus National Forest, Yosemite NW boundary
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