You are hereMarcus Libkind, The Original Mugelhupf Movie, and The Lost People of Mountain Village

Marcus Libkind, The Original Mugelhupf Movie, and The Lost People of Mountain Village

03/10/2009 7:30 pm
03/10/2009 9:30 pm
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Marcus Libkind, author of backcountry ski guidebooks and Chairman of Snowlands Network, will inspire you through images and commentary to explore new places on skis and snowshoes. He will also describe the advocacy work of Snowlands Network to protect opportunities for quiet winter recreation.

The evening will be capped with two wonderful films.

Ski Memories and The Original Mugelhupf Movie

This home movie begins in Switzerland in 1930 when Wolfgang Lert learned to ski on wooden skis with toe-irons and hazelnut poles. He and his friends would go on to explore the western US for places to ski including Yosemite. The second half of the movie is a ski chase that took place on the flanks of Mt. San Antonio near the Sierra Club’s San Antonio Ski Hut. It'll make you smile and laugh!

The Lost People of Mountain Village

Anthropologist Wade Davis calls it "no less than the most spectacular archaeological and anthropological discovery of our lifetimes." Dr. Jerrold Sapphire, author of "VANISHED: Why Bad Things Happen to Bad Civilizations," calls it… well, you’ll find out what he calls it. But when a lost backcountry skier high in the Rocky Mountains stumbles on a monumental complex of structures – apparently completely uninhabited – the only thing that experts agree on is that we may never know what really happened to "The Lost People of Mountain Village." This film is very serious! It’s also hilarious!