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« Thursday July 03, 2008 »

We'll attempt to climb several peaks ranging from the south to the west of Mt. Whitney on this 6 day trip. From Cottonwood Lakes trailhead, we'll go over New Army Pass and drop down to head north on the PCT or into the Sky Blue Lake basin, depending on which peaks people want to climb. The peaks are all class 1 or 2, except McAdie, which is class 3.

Start: 07/03/2008 1:00 pm

This is a technical trip requiring a high level of skill.

To avoid holiday traffic we'll leave the Bay Area on Wednesday, and hopefully celebrate July 4 on the summit of Disappointment Peak. Experience with ice ax, crampons, rope, and loose rock required for this strenuous class 4 couloir climb. We will drive home Saturday, or possibly climb Middle Palisade. Permit for 5.