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Three Spanish Sisters – Memorial Day weekend

Three Sisters (10,612) and Spanish Mountain (10,051)

Car camp at Wishon or Courtright Reservoir. Arrive Friday night, return Sunday night. Expect soft spring snow (wet) on the route.

Saturday: Spanish Mt. is 15 miles RT, mostly trail. 3100 feet gain.

Sunday: Three Sisters is 9 miles RT, cross country. 2000 feet gain.

Class 1, day hikes, beginners in good shape are welcome
Louise Wholey
James Wholey

Silver Peak

Silver Peak (11,878)

Devil’s Graveyard sounds like a place name out of The Blair Witch Project, but that’s what the Sierra National Forest calls our campsite. We’ll hike from Lake Thomas A. Edison (2330 m), taking easy trail to Devil’s Bathtub (2794 m) and continuing cross-country to our camp at the diabolical headwaters (3250 m). Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, we’ll visit the class 2 summit of Silver Peak (3620 m). Sunday hike out and drive home.

Class 2, beginner-intermediate trip
Lake Thomas A. Edison
Aaron Schuman
Louise Wholey

Memorial Day week trip to Sabrina Basin peaks

Thompson, Point Powell, Wallace, Haeckel

We leave from Lake Sabrina TH near Bishop and attempt to climb Thompson-13494, Point Powell-13360, Wallace-13377, Haeckel-13418 peaks. Be prepared for snow - ice axe, crampons, and helmets required. Be prepared for spring conditions including snow camping.

Day 1: Hike in from Lake Sabrina 1500 gain, 5 miles to Hungry Packer Lake. Climb Haeckel & Wallace, return to camp. Day 2: Climb Thompson, 3000 gain, 6 miles RT back to camp. Day 3: Climb Point Powell, 3000 gain, 6 miles RT. Day 4 - Hike out or stay for bonus peaks, Gilbert-13106 and Johnson-12871.

Participants must be in excellent physical condition, skilled in use of ice axe & crampons. Note that this is a “Lisa” trip, meaning you should expect a fast pace (extreme effort) to do all these peaks. Participants do not have to do all the peaks. Fishing or reading is an option for days off.

Lake Sabrina Trailhead
Lisa Barboza

Mt. Baldwin

Mt. Baldwin (12,615')

We'll backpack from the trailhead parking at Convict Lake to our camp site at Bright Dot Lake. Sunday morning we'll ascend the northwest slope and take time for a leisurely snack on the summit. Ice axes possibly needed.

Bob Suzuki

Mt Humphreys and Mt Emerson

Mt Humphreys (13,986'), Mt Emerson (13,204')

Visit the scenic North Fork of Bishop Creek, Piute Pass and alpine Humphreys Basin. Endure the class 2, loose scree of Humphreys' southwest slope before enjoying the final two short, roped pitches over solid rock. A half rope-length rappel begins the decent. Required: climbing harness, belay/rappel device, roped climbing experience, group bear canisters; also, a $10 deposit to cover cost of the permit (forfeit if cancel, difference refunded at trailhead).

class 4, rope
Bob Suzuki

Red, White and Blue Special

Red and White Mtn (12,816)

Backpack about 7 miles up the McGee Creek Trail starting at about 7800 ft to Big McGee Lake at 10,400. Climb Red and White Mtn southeast face. For faster stronger hikers, an option exists to also climb Red Slate Mtn (13,163) from McGee Pass. These peaks are very colorful, great for celebrating our national birthday.

Class 2, moderate trip, may be some snow climbing
McGee Creek, Eastern Sierra
Louise Wholey
James Wholey

Mineral King Peaks

Eisen, Lippencott,and Eagle Scout

Details to follow.

Lisa Barboza

Mt. Langley

Mt. Langley (14026)

Details to follow

Lisa Barboza

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne

A 30 mile backpack on trails in Yosemite. Start at White Wolf and end at
Tuolumne Meadows. After descending 3500 feet (net) to the Tuolumne River,
we follow it upstream for 4200 feet (net) past gushing waterfalls and the
Glen Aulin high sierra camp. Though it's on trail and not at high altitude,
don't underestimate the difficulty or beauty of this route. A car shuttle
between the two trailheads is required.

This trip is currently scheduled as a 3-day trip, but I'll accept inquiries
from people who would only be able to do it as a 2-day (very strenuous)
trip. There is a chance that it may be changed to 2-days.

Kelly A Maas
Landa Robillard

Highland Peak

Highland Peak (10,935’)

This is a relatively slow-paced dayhike, suitable for beginners. We will car-camp near Ebbetts Pass, then hike up Noble Canyon to grab the peak. Sunday is open at this point, with options to perhaps try something else, do some exploring, or have a leisurely drive home. This is an area of the Sierra that we don’t often explore, so the hike should be enjoyable.

Class 2
Ebbetts Pass
Charles Schafer