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Mount Gayley

Mount Gayley (13,510')

Gayley is on one end of a spectacular ring of peaks and the most alpine region of the Sierra with 5 peaks over 14000 ft next to it in a circle and the largest glacier in the Sierra in between.

Start from Big Pine on Saturday and then take the North Fork of Big Pine Creek and huff and puff our way to Gayley Camp at the edge of the Palisade Glacier. Sunday: Alpine start to go to Glacier Notch and then the Yellow Brick Road (aka Golden Staircase) route (class 3) to the summit and back to camp. If time and energy permit, pack out to the trailhead the same day. Otherwise, early morning pack out and hike out to the cars on Monday instead. Class 3 climbing; ice-axe and crampons may be needed for the walk to Glacier Notch from Gayley camp.

Participants must have this level of experience.

Organiser(s): Arun Mahajan (
Scott Kreider (

Class-3 rock, ice-axe, crampons, helmets required
Big Pine, Eastside of the Sierra
Arun Mahajan
Scott Kreider

Sill, Temple Crag, Gayley

Sill (14,153'), Temple Crag (12,900'), Gayley (13,510')

Climbing in the Palisades region. This will be a strenuous 4-5 day trip to climb these 3 peaks. Depending on snow, plan on bringing ice axe, crampons, and bear canisters. We will start at Glacier Lodge and hike in up the South Fork of Big Pine Creek to Lake Elinore, or higher in the scree field near Lake 11,744. Climbers must be in good condition, comfortable on class 4 rock. Day 1, hike in to Lake Elinore or higher, 2500' gain, 6 miles. Day 2, climb Temple Crag via Contact Pass, class 3. Day 3, climb Sill via Glacier Pass, North Col route, class 3-4 and then climb Gayley from Glacier Pass via the class 3 Golden Staircase; 4500' gain, 6 miles. Day 4, hike out.

Leaders: Lisa Barboza ( and Bob Wyka

Class 3-4, ice-axe, crampons, helmets required
Big Pine - Glacier Lodge
Lisa Barboza

Matterhorn Peak

Matterhorn (12,279')

We'll meet at the trailhead for Robinson Creek at Mono Village Resort, the west end of Twin Lakes, on Saturday morning. (We are taking this trail, rather than Horse Creek, because we can only reserve for 4 on the Horse Creek trail.) We'll hike up the Robinson Creek trail, and camp on the other side of Mule Pass. That's about 14 miles and around 3500' of gain, so it will be a long, hot day, but all on trail. Next day we'll hike the short distance to Burro Pass, then up Matterhorn, and come back via the Horse Creek trail (8 miles). We should be back at our cars by late afternoon. Permit for 8. Leader Joe Baker. Contact Co-leader Judy Molland ( for more information.

Class 1 and 2, but strenuous
Twin Lakes, Eastside of the Sierras, Bridgeport
Joe Baker
Judy Molland