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Deerhorn (13,281')

Access is via Kearsarge Pass. Experienced
class 3 climbers in good shape only.

Leaders: Louise Wholey ( and Lisa Barboza (

Class 3
Louise Wholey
Lisa Barboza

Table and Picket Guard

Table (13,632') and Picket Guard (12,303')

Access is via Shepherd Pass, probably climbing Table (class 3) first,
then Picket Guard (class 2). Experienced climbers in good shape only.

Leaders: Daryn Dodge ( and Louise Wholey

Class 3
Daryn Dodge
Louise Wholey

Barnard and Friends

Trojan, 13950', Class 2; Versteeg, 13470', Class 2; Barnard, 13990', Class 2; Peak 4180+, 13680', Class 2; Carl Heller, 13211', Class 3; Morgenson, 13920', Class 2S3; Carillon, 13552', Class 2; Tunnabora, 13565', Class 2; The Cleaver, 13355', Class 3

We are going to take advantage of the fact that the George Creek
drainage is now open all year to climb a bunch of peaks from an unusual
direction. While we will enter via George Creek the plan is to exit via
the North Fork of Lone Pine Creek.

We are planning to do the peaks roughly in the order listed.
Enter via George Creek, climb Trojan, Versteeg, Peak 4180+ and Barnard
from the Barnard/Trojan saddle, descend Barnard to Wallace Lake, climb Carl
Heller, go towards Tulainyo Lake, climb Morgenson, Carillon, Tunnabora
and The Cleaver, exit via Russell/Carillon saddle and North Fork Lone
Pine Creek.

Our plan is to keep the details on where to camp and which days to do
each peak flexible. If we run out of time we may drop peaks of the list,
especially the ones towards the end of the list.

Difficulty: Class 3. Strenuous. Hardest day probably 3E3.

Maps: Mount Whitney and Mount Williamson (Manzanar and Mount Langley for

Leader: Jesper Schou
Co-Leader: Stephane Mouradian (to be confirmed)

Class 2 and 3. Strenuous. Hardest day probably 3E3
Eastern Sierra North of Mount Whitney
Jesper Schou

North Peak

North Peak, 12,242', class 2

A dayhike of a nice 12k+ ft peak in the beautiful Saddlebag Lake area of eastern/northern Yosemite. This trip is suitable for fit and acclimated peak climbers who have had some experience in peak climbing.

The route will take us to some spectacular scenery and we will have views of the Yosemite high country including some nearby 13k and 12k ft peaks.

Starting time: We start walking at 7am, Saturday morning. Please be there, ready to hike.
Starting place: The right side of the dam over the Saddlebag Lake, almost at the very end of the Saddlebag Lake Road.
Route: From the starting point, we will walk across the dam to the west shore of the lake and make our way past a beautiful waterfall to a saddle on the ridge line and will scramble over class-2 talus to the summit.

Preference will be given to relative new comers to the PCS.

We will take 6 participants (besides the two leaders).

Since this is an official trip, all participants will be required to sign a waiver.

All participants must contact the leader(s) to be signed up and if they have not climbed with the leader before, provide some information about their recent climbing experience/fitness/acclimatization.

Class 2
Saddlebag Lake, near Tioga Pass, Yosemite
Arun Mahajan
Ron Karpel

San Joaquin Mountain

San Joaquin Mountain (11,598')

Sierra Peaks Section

San Joaquin Mtn Quadruple List Finish (11,598')

Louise Wholey and Chris Libby have just completed the SPS list. In addition, John Hooper and Greg Gerlach will coincidentally both complete the list on Mt.Gardiner by the end of summer. We will have a celebratory list finish dayhike climb for all 4 list finishers on San Joaquin Mtn (about 2700' gain and 9-12 miles from Minaret Summit area, or 1600’ gain and 5 miles from Deadman Pass via 4WD road) on Sat Oct 1. Immediately following the climb will be a potluck party at John's place in Paradise. Send e-mail or SASE with conditioning and experience to Leader: Daryn Dodge, Co-leaders: Kathy Rich, Bob Wyka
Contact Daryn Dodge: Daryn.Dodge AT

Class 1
Eastside of the Sierras, Mammoth area
Daryn Dodge

Labor Day Weekend Trip

Seven Gables (13,080'), Hooper Mt (12,349'), Senger (12,286'), Gemini (12,880')

Our group of four will enter the John Muir Wilderness at the Florence
lake trailhead (west side) with the intent to climb a grouping of
these class 2 - 4 peaks: Seven Gables, Hooper, Senger, and Gemini.
Depending on group comfort, we may use a rope on Hooper. This trip
promises to be long but with very good peaks as objectives.

Contact Tim Hult at 650-966-2215 (work)

Class 2 - 4
Florence Lake, westside of the Sierras
Tim Hult

The Need Never Stops

Needham Mountain (12,520')

During the month of September, the aspens of Mineral King are clothed in gold. On day 1, starting in the early afternoon, we’ll hike 4 miles from the trailhead (7830') to our camp at Crystal Lake (10800'). On day 2, we’ll cross the tricky class 3 col (11500'), down to Amphitheater Lake (11100'), up to Needham Mtn (12520'), and finally returning to camp the way we came. On easy day 3, we hike out and drive home.

Leader: Aaron Schuman a.j.Schuman AT gmail DOT com
Co-leader: Joe Baker joe AT joebaker DOT us

Class 2 peak, with one class 3 move on the approach
Mineral King, Sequoia National Park
Aaron Schuman
Joe Baker


Hiking, climbing, biking - your choice!

Pinnacles - Hiking Climbing and/or biking. Your choice. Come down for a weekend of climbing and/or hiking or even biking. There will be climbers of varying abilities. Group site #134 has been reserved for 2 nights at the Pinnacles campground on the east side of the park. Holds total of up to 20 people (We’ve had more). Shoes, harness and helmet needed if you are going to be climbing. You can stay 1 or 2 nights (preferably both) or just come down for one of the days. The cost for the camp site is $75/ night for up to 10 people and $110/night for up to 20. Leader; Jeff Fisher 650-207-9632, E-mail;

Pinnacles National Monument, East Side
Jeff Fisher

Trans-Sierra Dayhike

Trans-Sierra From Lake Thomas Edison To Rock Creek

Lake Thomas Edison to Rock Creek. 22.5 miles. 6,000ft + or- gain on Saturday going west to east, or 3,600ft + or - gain going east to west on Sunday. We will be going over Mono Pass at 11,000ft. going either direction. There will be 2 groups. One on Saturday Oct. 22 going from Lake Thomas Edison to Rock Creek trail head(west to east). They will be picked up at the Rock Creek trail head by the group that will be traveling east to west the next day, Sunday Oct. 23. Everyone will camp together Saturday night. After dropping the Sunday group off at the trail head the Saturday group will drive the east to west groups cars back to the bay area. The east to west group will pick up the other cars and drive home Sunday evening. The West to east group will have to have 2 sets of sleeping gear, one that they will bring to the trailhead on Friday night and one the second group will bring over for them to use on Saturday night. Please contact me if you want to go and which direction. Also if you can drive, carpool or either. Jeff Fisher 650-207-9632, e-mail; E-mail is best, because I have a written record.

PLEASE NOTE: This hike is entirely voluntary and participants assume the full risks associated with the activities. It is each hiker's responsibility to ensure that he or she is in sufficient fitness and health to participate in a strenuous hike, with the appropriate water, food, clothing, first aid, and navigation equipment for the conditions. The individual hike organizers make no representation or warranties about the quality, safety, or supervision of these activities.

Level 5D or F
Lake Thomas Edison or Rock Creek
Jeff Fisher

Peaks of the Marble Mountain Wilderness

Boulder Peak (8,299'), Class 2+, Black Marble Mtn (7,442'), Class 2+, Marble Mtn (6,990'), Class 2+

Map: Marble Mtn 7.5 min., Boulder Peak 7.5 min.
Leader:Kelly Maas, 408-378-5311,
Co-Leader:wanted, no experience required

These peaks may not be very high or difficult, but I've always wanted to explore
this far-off wilderness with its namesake marble mountains. For those not
familiar, this area is west of Mt Shasta. In addition to the white peaks, we'll
also climb the highest peak in the wilderness - Boulder Peak (which is a
different type of rock). There are several miles of hiking on trails between
the peaks, so it is best to pack light and prepare for some long days. If the
car situation allows, we'll enter and exit at different trailheads.

In case the weather doesn't cooperate:
Alternate #1: Black Hawk Mtn (10,348), Class 2 in Emigrant Wilderness (Hwy 108),

2 days
Alternate #2: Three Sisters (10,612) and Dogtooth Pk (10,302), both class 2 in
Dinkey Lakes Wilderness (Courtright Res), 2 days

Class 2+
West of Mount Shasta
Kelly A Maas