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Sandy Point and Last Chance Mountain

Sandy Point (7,062'), Last Chance Mtn (8,456')

Assuming the Sandy Pt ascent on Saturday is a success, Last Chance Mtn on Sunday will be Daryn Dodge's DPS list finish. Sandy is a 2000 foot gain and 11 miles; Last Chance is 3000 feet of gain and 5 miles. Join us for one or both peaks. We will have a short celebration on the summit of Last Chance Mtn, and perhaps back at the trailhead, so climbers can drive home at a reasonable hour on Sunday. Send e-mail with conditioning and experience to Leader: Daryn Dodge. Co-leaders: John Cheslick, Kathy Rich, and Gary Schenk.

Contact Daryn Dodge:

Daryn Dodge

Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru

For information about this private trip, contact Daryn
Dodge at

Daryn Dodge

Loma Prieta's Snow Camping Seminar

Preparation for Camping Happily in the Snow!



Snow CampingSnow camping allows you to backpack in all seasons. By snowshoeing or skiing far into the wilderness, you can visit the Sierras with its thick layer of snow and enjoy the scenery far from the crowds; no competition for the "best" campsites! The skills obtained from the Loma Prieta's Snow Camping Seminar prepare you for camping happily in the snow, and give tips for day skiers or snowshoers caught out overnight. Participants must be experienced summer backpackers as this course will give you winter information and tips but doesn't teach basic backpacking.

Three evenings, held in the Stanford Palo Alto area on Jan 18, 20, & 25, and one weekend field trip on Jan 29-30, 2011. Limit 40 participants for the evening classroom sessions, and 25 participants on the outing.

$40 cost includes books, instruction, and some common equipment used on field trip.

To sign up, send $40 check, payable to BSCS, to P.O. Box 802, Menlo Park, CA 94026. Include name & email of each person, phone #, Sierra Club member number (if oversubscribed, preference will be given to members). Upon receipt, we will acknowledge and send info and directions.

Questions? Contact Chris MacIntosh at 650/325-7841, , or Steve Sergeant at 408/937-8116, .

Chris MacIntosh

Diamond on the Soles of Your Shoes

Diamond Peak (13,127'), Mt. Mary Austin (13,040')

We’ll start low at the end of the Oak Creek Road (6,000') and hike the Baxter Pass trail from desert up into spring slush. The snow will be firmed up by the time we reach our camp at Summit Meadow (10,800'). We’ll ascend the southeast face of Diamond Peak (13,127'), which RJ Secor calls “a splendid snow climb in the spring”. If we have time, we’ll also attempt the often seen but rarely visited Mount Mary Austin. Participants are skilled with ice axe for self-arrest and use of crampons on a mid-angle slope. Some members of the party will choose skis; others snowshoes.

Leader: Steve Eckert 650-508-0500
Co-leader: Aaron Schuman 650-968-9184

Class 2 Snow Climb
Pacific Crest, Kings Canyon National Park
Steve Eckert
Aaron Schuman

Senator, You are no Mount Kennedy

Mt. Hutchings (10,785'), Kennedy Mtn (11,433'), Slide Peak (10,915')

From Cedar Grove (5,035'), we’ll hike up the Copper Creek trail. When we meet snow, some of us will switch to skis and others to snowshoes. We’ll set up camp in Upper Tent Meadow (9,189') and make a side jaunt to Mt Hutchings (10,785'). Saturday, we’ll pack over Granite Pass (10,673') to the north side of the Monarch Divide, traverse up and down through the Volcanic Lakes basin, and make camp at East Kennedy Lake (10,100'). Sunday, we’ll climb Kennedy Mountain (11,433') and the rarely visited Slide Peak (10,915') and return to our camp. Memorial Day, we’ll pack out all the way back to Cedar Grove and head home.

Leader: Steve Eckert 650-508-0500
Co-leader: Aaron Schuman 650-968-9184

"We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." – John F. Kennedy

Class 2 Snow Climb
Monarch Divide, Kings Canyon National Park
Steve Eckert
Aaron Schuman

Mount Rose

Mount Rose, 10,776', and one other

Join us for the ascent of the highest peak in the Tahoe Basin. We
will use skis or snowshoes and carry light shoes for the final climb
over lava rocks to the summit. Trip is rated 2C2, intermediate effort
On the second day, we'll find another awesome peak to climb.

Contact Louise Wholey, louisewholey AT or Sonja Dieterich,
sonja.dieterich AT for details.

2C2, intermediate effort level
North Lake Tahoe
Louise Wholey
Sonja Dieterich

Mount Lassen

Mt. Lassen (10,462')

We will climb the peak in one day. Snowshoes or skis will be necessary. We will bring crampons because they might be useful on the summit block. We will start at the old ski chalet at 8 am and be back before dark.

Contact George Van Gorden at

Snowshoes or skis; experience with crampons
Mount Lassen

Mount Shasta

Mt. Shasta (14,104')

We will attempt to climb the peak in one day. We will start from Bunny Flat at 2 am. We will plan to be on the summit by 11 am. We will be back at our cars before dark. We will be doing the standard route up Avalanche Gulch. An ice axe and crampons will be required. Hands-on training with the ice axe is necessary and everyone must have used an ice axe for self-arrest.

Contact George Van Gorden at

Strenuous - must be experienced with ice axe and crampons
Mount Shasta

Norman Clyde Peak

Norman Clyde Peak (13,855')

We will take advantage of the early season snow to see if we can find Norman Clyde’s intricate route up his namesake peak. Saturday we will hike up the S. Fork of Big Pine Creek into the vicinity of Willow Lake and then cross-country up to a camp near Elinore Lake. Sunday we will climb the 700’ snow couloir on the North Face and move around to the South side of the peak and cross a number of chutes up to the summit, return to camp and hike out. Ice axe and crampons required. Rating: 3E3 and AI1/WI2, Class 3. Leader Terry Cline.
Contact Terry Cline at

Class 3, Ice Axe and Crampons Required
Big Pine, Eastside

Mount Ritter and Banner Peak

Mount Ritter (13,143') and Banner Peak (12,936')

On Friday we will hike from Agnew Meadows up to a camp just above Ediza Lake. Saturday we will climb to the saddle between Ritter and Banner, climb Banner (class 2), descend back to the saddle and climb the North Face of Ritter (class 3), and then descend the class 3 Southeast side of Ritter to camp. Sunday we will hike back out to the cars. Ice Axe required. Rating: 2E3, Class 3. Leaders Terry Cline and Monique Messié.
Contact Terry Cline at

Class 3, Ice Axe Required
Near Mammoth, Eastside